Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have issues...

Ok, I need your help.

Before I go any further, I'm sure those of you who really know me, are wondering how in the world I can make such under statements?

Of COURSE I have issues!

Of COURSE I need help!


Anyway, I'm serious attention!! :-)

So, here's the thing. How do you "break up" with a company? I mean, what do you say, when they ask you WHY you're leaving them? That's the hardest thing for me to answer.

Case in point. For a few months now, we've tossed around the idea of switching security companies. We have  had the OTHER company for the 12 years we've lived in this house. Never had to use them (really). In fact, we hardly even activate the thing unless we're all gone from the house.

Fast forwarding to yesterday. This guy comes by and gives us a pretty good sales pitch about ANOTHER company. Long story short, we decided to go with them. However, I will say that I wasn't too happy about the technician being in the area and "had time" to come on by and install the new equipment  last night. Do you know he didn't leave here until after 10:30pm? ARGH!! I had to call the OTHER company and "break up" with them. And of course they asked me why we were canceling our service. They went on and on about how they've been our security provider for the past 12 years and how the hate to see us leave. (well, we hate when your rates go up too...but you don't hear us you.) We've gotten the letters over the years telling us about the "slight"  increase in charges. And we adjust accordingly.

Why can't they do that?

Why do they make you feel so bad about leaving them?

And WHY do you offer me a better rate or better service AFTER I tell you that we're "quitting" you?

So, are ya'll honest and tell them exactly why you're leaving? Do you tell them that you're going with another company? HELP???


Lynilu said...

Honey, I can't help you. I always had the hub do that sort of thing. Obviously I'm stuck now with whatever company I have for ANYTHING!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I always call them BEFORE I switch to let them beat the new rate if they so wish. Then if they do beat the rate then I don't have to change the service!! LOL Win win!!!

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I always the one to do the break up thing because husband will not do it.
But just as Brown English Muffin stated before I make the decision to do it I will call and advise that I am considering going with another company to see if they can match the offer.

Jude said...

I just did this with the home phone company. When he kept asking what they could do, I said, you could've offered better rates BEFORE I called to quit! ;)