Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whose line is it anyway?

Me and Mister M. love to laugh and watch movies. Sadly, we don't watch them near as much as we'd like to. But thanks to some of the channels we have, we are able to catch a few good movies every now and again.

Another thing that we really enjoy doing, is talking in movie lines. I guess it's kind of an "inside" thing for us. But we are finding that a lot of people actually do it. So let's say it's an "IN" thing to do.

We're so HIP & COOL!

You know you wanna be like us! :-)

It's kinda fun to be out with friends, and an opportunity presents itself for me and/or Mister M. to blurt out one of our favorite movie lines.

Again, we're so HIP & COOL and weird & dorky!

Here are some of the movies we like to quote from:

  • "LIFE" (the one with Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence. NOT the one about nature & animals)
  • "The Color Purple" (ok, this one is most often quoted by me. As M-I-S-T-E-R doesn't really care for this movie.)
  • "The Proposal" (this is our most recent addition of movies. Surprisingly enough, Mister M. likes this "chick flick")
  • "Pulp Fiction" (like The Color Purple is for me, this is one that Mister M. quotes from quite a bit. And honestly, I usually have to ask, "What? What movie is that from?" He gets so's hilarious)
  • "Jackie Brown" (like Pulp Fiction, this is one of Misters favs)
  • "Shrek" - all of them (who doesn't enjoying quoting lines from Donkey?)
  • "O Brother Where Art Thou?" (If you've never seen this one, check it out. George Clooney shows a totally different side of himself in this flick. Too funny!)
  • "Wild Hogs" (John Travolta is hilarious in this movie. He's the main character we quote from this one.)
  • "The Nutty Professor/The Klumps" (the Eddie Murphy version)
  • "Friday" (Gotta love Chris Tucker & Ice Cube!)
  • "The 5th Element" (I'm a big fan of Bruce Willis)
**Added 6/16/11 @ 2:25pm**
I forgot about "Rush Hour" (I & II). And another one for Mister M., "Scarface". Surprisingly enough, the lines that he quotes from Scarface do NOT contain the "F" word :-).

I'm sure there are more. But this is all I can think of right now.

Now don't leave me out here hanging. TELL me that some of you talk "movie" too! If so, what are some of your favorite movies and/or movie lines? 

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Jude said...

I have loved netflix so that I can catch all those movies that micah would never want to sit through ;)