Friday, June 10, 2011

So, what's on TV?

Don't know what's gotten into me lately. But I've been watching quite a bit of TV.

Ok, wait...before I ride this horse any further, know that I'm actually not even at home that much :-).

But when I am home and I'm not either on Facebook, doing some type of craft, on Facebook, scrapbooking, cleaning/doing laundry or on Facebook...I'm watching TV. :-)

And not just ANY TV either. I LOVE reality "type" shows.

Not sure what I mean? Check this out....these are the types of shows that I enjoy filling the "empty" parts of my day with.

~What Not To Wear
~ Say Yes To the Dress
~Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss (This is for the big girls, aka, plus sized or "Full Figured")
~Platinum Brides
~My Fair Wedding with David Tutera (Mr. Tutera does some awesome wedding designs)
~Bridezillas (This is only a "sometimes". I get too angry when I watch this one)
*Are we seeing a trend here?
~American Justice
~The First 48
~Cold Case Files
*Oooo, another trend...
~It Only Hurts When I Laugh!
~Worlds Dumbest....
* I get a kick out of seeing people humiliate themselves.
~Man v Food
~Food Network: Challenge
~Amazing Wedding Cakes
~Divine Design (I love Candice Olson)

NOTE: Added 6/10/11 @ 12:47pm
Allow me to clear a couple things up. I don't watch ALL of the listed shows EVERYday! When I DO watch TV, these are shows that I look for and/or prefer to watch. Oh, and I forgot, I also enjoy watching professional soccer.
Now back to our regularly scheduled programs...LOL...I crack me up!!

(I'm thinking it would've been easier just to say that I like the A&E, TruTV, TLC & We TV channels, huh?)

Well, that's all I can think of right now. But there are some episodes of these shows that I'll watch over, and over, and over. You should see Mister M's face when he walks in our room and one of these shows (especially a wedding related show) is on our TV. Priceless! lol

So, do you think when I'm not at home out running errands, I should see a shrink? I mean, watching these types of shows should be called...SOME type of medical term!  I mean, I have NO desire to get married again! NO desire to kill anyone. NO plans of trying ANY of the stunts I see people try on Tru TV! And NO desire to try most of the foods I see featured/prepared on the cooking shows. But I can decorate a mean birthday cake...just nothing like the ones they refer to as AMAZING!

But I sure do enjoy watching this stuff.

Note: I would, actually, like to appear on, "What Not To Wear". I mean have you seen how I dress myself? My 9 year old dresses herself better than I do...oh wait, now THAT'S a stretch.

But ya'll get what I'm saying, right?

So, tell me, what are some of your favorite "guilty pleasure" TV programs?


Brown English Muffin said...

I thought I watched a lot of tv, though it's been cut down a lot....I think the only show out of that list that I watch sometimes is Man vs Food.

I do DVR 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, and Basketball Wives...basically really really crappy reality tv! LOL

Krystyn said...

We don't have cable, so we don't watch a lot. Then again, I spend a lot of time on the computer! (After all, my business sort of requires it!)

Jude said...

we got rid of our cable, and only have netflix now... I do miss kat von dee ;)