Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Moment of nostalgia...

Hey everyone!

Not sure why this subject hit me today. But I was thinking that, in all the years that I've been doing this blog, I've never, at least I don't remember, told you guys about...ME!

Considering I've been on this lovely planet for a little over 40 years now...I won't bore you with my HERstory. I won't lay back on your "cyber sofa" and tell you what life was like when I was a child.

But what I will do, is share my past with you in pictures. A friend of mine got onto me recently for doing my last post without pictures. Well, sweetie...this one's for YOU!!! :-)

Before I get started with this walk down memory lane, I ask that you respect your elders...and DON'T LAUGH at my pictures! :-)

Got it?

Great! Ok...take my hand and let's get started, shall we?

6 or 7 months old
Are ya'll laughing already???

1st Birthday
Me and my momma.

Me & my momma again at my 5th birthday
(that was my FAVORITE dress! Purple velvet...
Don't get no better 'n nat!) lol
Me and my diddy at the Bronx Zoo!
I love you, Dad!!!
1st Grade
(I can hear ya'll...)
2nd Grade
My 1st Communion 
YEP! I was a Girl Scout!
(What a GOOFY smile! Guess it went with that
GOOFY hairstyle!)
Me & my sister before my 7th grade graduation.
Sweet 16!
10th grade
Man, why didn't SOMEONE talk me outta the bangs & the
Flying Nun hairstyle and the AWFUL lipstick?
Senior cap & gown photo
Class of '84 IN THA HOUSE!!!
Jr./Sr. Prom
(YES! I had a date...but this ain't and never has been about him!)
Dec. 17, 1988
My wedding day!
Glamour Shot moment
Leather...with the collar up...REALLY?
20th (2008) wedding anniversary photo shoot
(I just LOVE that man!)
Me & oldest dear daughter!
We're so cool! :-)
Me and my OTHER favorite guy, Markell!
Me & J' baby girl
Well, last Summer :-)
Welp, that's about all I have for now! Any questions? Comments? CONCERNS? Lol

Oh, wait, I do have one more....

This was the temperature here, in lovely, Powder Springs, Ga
at 11:15 this morning! At 1pm, it hit 100F!
Ok, seriously...that's all for today. :-) I'm OUT.....


Lynilu said...

Oh, I love that HERstory! Gosh, you were such a pretty child and teenager! I though your current beauty was probably due to years of plastic surgery, but clearly not! LOL! Sorry, couldn't resist that. Really, you were a darling child, much like those girls who claim you as their momma!!

Thank you for sharing those photos. :)

Sienna said...

It is great to see your history. We all have one....Thanks for sharing yours. I will continue to follow to see what happens next.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Lyn, you're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. And I'm not even mad that you spilled the beans about my years of plastic surgery! LOL Me? Plastic surgery? Are you kidding? I don't even like having a pedicure! :-) Thanks again!

Sienna, thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you here again!

Sienna said...

Dawn, thanks for commenting on my blog. I love quotes and spend some time every day pursuing them. I have another blog,
Take care, and keep blogging.

Brown English Muffin said...

OMG this totally makes up for the lack of pictures in the earlier post....I love this post!!!

1. The 6/7 month pic I totally see JBear

2. You first me and momma WOW your mother is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

3. Your 5th Birthday you don't remind me of either have a distinct cute as could look and that smile is radiant. I had no idea you've like purple for this long!

4. I totally expected you to look the spiting image of one of the girls but you totally have your own look and cute as I don't know what!

5. That girl scout pic I totally see JBear wow!!! That's crazy!!! If she does girl scouts I can't wait to see those pictures side by side!

6. That senior cap and gown pic is the first pic where I finally see the face I see now. You look exactly the same now as you did back then if you ask me.

7. Jr prom pic I just LOVE!!! Love, love love it.

8. Wedding day pic I swear you and M haven't aged one bit...please share your secret!! Please!!!

Krystyn said...

Loving the walk down memory lane. I had a little laugh at the Glamour Shots picture!

Yep, it's hot today!

Jude said...

i LOVE the photos! Your mom is beautiful! :)
what a cutie you were, and i hear ya, my car temp read 101 after waiting in the car line yesterday! UGH!