Friday, September 09, 2005

Life as a soccer mom

Well, it's that time of year again...Youth soccer season. Oddly enough, I'm so excited! Our 10 year old has been playing soccer for a little over 2 years (this is his 6th season). And this year, our 3 year old, Jayla will play for the first time. I simply cannot wait until tomorrow at 10am when she plays her first game. Who knew they made cleats and shinguards so small? Watching her practice over the past couple weeks in her "fancy red cleaps" is almost too much excitement for me. Markell, the 10 year old is an amazing soccer player and absolutely loves it. It is also exciting to see him so excited to be back with his teammates again. Soccer is a sport I never thought I'd enjoy watching. But I guess the difference is that it's kids that are playing...and they're mine. Not to mention, my husband coaches both teams. Guess I'd better go get uniforms together. Go Stingrays & Cheetahs!!!


Jessica Klarkson said...

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scrappin4four said...

Hey Dawn...I just became a "Gymnastics Mom" 2 of mine started their first extra curricular activity Monday.