Thursday, May 11, 2006

The beauty of WOOD

Hello everyone. Some of you may know, that we are in the process of doing some renovation to our home. (not sure why I think some of you know that...just seemed like the thing to say..hee hee). Anyway, one of the project that we had done was finishing our basement. And as soon as I get the pictures together that I want to share, I'll post some of that experience.

However, I wanted to go ahead and share another one of the projects we had done. Yesterday, we had hardwood floors put in our foyer, dining room and in my MIL's bedroom (this room use to be the formal living room). Oh my goodness! Talk about beautiful!!! It's amazing what a difference this change has made to our home. In the photos you're about to see, you will notice the French doors. That was another project that happened during the basement finishing. Those doors go to my MIL's room.

Anyway, enough chatting. Please enjoy the photos and thanks for looking.

BEFORE: Foyer & MIL's room.

BEFORE: Foyer & dining room.

AFTER: Nothing more needs to be said :-)

Again, thanks for looking. Enjoy your day.


Adrienne said...

Looks good!!!!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

Your floors are beautiful....can't wiat 'til I finally have my own hardwood floors!

denaid said...

Holy moly! That looks great! I thought it looked fine before but it looks awesome now!