Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Layout - Best Friends

This is my newest layout. And I absolutely love it. I have been waiting for quite some time to do this layout of my DD and her very best friend.

There's really not much else to do at this point but show you the LO and let you read the little "story" of how they met. The journaling will follow the photos. Enjoy!

Journaling reads:

These 2 little sweethearts have shared a special
bond and friendship…even longer than they are aware. Back in October of 2001, Marque and I were about 2 months away from the birth of our baby. We attended a birthing class and met a wonderful couple, Rico and Stephanie De Benedictis. We introduced ourselves and quickly became friends. One night a week for about 6 weeks, we sat together and laughed at the upcoming events that we’d soon be encountering when we had our babies. After the birthing classes, we all kinda went our separate ways and soon had our babies. Ours due in November, theirs in December. In January, against my hearts desires, at the age of 7 weeks, we put Jayla in daycare. One afternoon, a few months later, I picked Jayla up and while signing her out, I noticed a familiar last name of a child in her class. How common is the name De Benedictis? Not very I thought. After further investigation, we found that Lanie De Benedictis was actually the daughter of Stephanie & Rico. AND, they lived about 2 miles from us! As the girls got older, they were just drawn to one another. And always seemed to be playing together. Because Jayla was a month older, she moved on to the next class before Lanie. But soon, the twosome was together again. When they became toddlers, they were labeled “Partners in crime” J. And rightfully so I might add. They were also great friends with Lindsey and Gabby. But Jayla and Lanie were the most fond of eachother. In May of 2004, we took Jayla out of daycare to stay home with me. But because of their undying fondness for one another, we have kept the girls in touch through play dates and birthday parties. However, in August of 2006, the girls will be back together again…every day. As Jayla and Lanie will be attending Pre-K at the same daycare center in which they met.
Hopefully, this will be a friendship that will last forever.

The supplies I used were: Deja Views Open Windows Scrapbook Matting System, Paper Reflections "Contemporary Palatte" patterned paper (from Target), Heidi Swapp Ghost flowers, Prima flowers, Pressed Petals "Hip" Chip Chatter letters, mini heart brads, MM Gameboard Alphabet letters and DCWV "All about girls" Vellum Quote stack.

Thanks for looking.


denaid said...

Aww that's sweet. I hope they do stay friends forever. What a story that would be when they're adults. "We met womb to womb!" :)

Too cute. Great layout and great journaling. Thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

Such a cute layout and really sweet journaling.

Adrienne said...

Great journaling!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

That LO is so cute and sweet!