Saturday, October 28, 2006

All Day Crop - Part 2 (again)

Ok, I've had about enough of this!!! Let's see if Blogger will cooperate THIS time. Sheesh, I've only got about 2 or 3 more pictures I want to share. And shoot, by the time I get them on here, the thrill will be gone!

So, here they are:

Here's Mandy (with the glasses) and Lisa F. trying to look mean :-). She really did have a good time, ya'll.

Once again, Lauren is trying to hide from the camera. Something about her mom wanting to take pix of her ALL THE TIME!!! Duh!!! Aren't teenagers SUPPOSED to be embarassed by their parents (and their parents friends?) :-)

Jamie's son, Branton made a special apprearance at the all day crop. Lauren and Jayla were happy to keep him company (until his dad got back from Home Depot).


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Nas said...

looks like lots of fun!!!