Monday, October 23, 2006

Woo HOO---She LOVED it!!!

I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but a couple of months ago, I was given, not only the challenge, but the honor of scrapbooking my good friends wedding. Diane & Steve got married back in June of this year. Diane had originally asked if I would HELP her put together her wedding album. And I thought that was a great idea as I've always wanted to do one. I guess, somewhere down the line, I let that desire slip out in her presence, so she thought it would be "fun" to ask me to do the entire thing :-). Ya know, I was cool with that. She's a great friend of mine, so I was very flattered by her trusting ME with such a wonderful day in her life and with her memories.

I worked on the album for a little over 2 months and it's finally finished. I was SOO nervous about letting Diane see the album. But I was excited at the same time. It was so hard not to let her see some of the pages as I completed them. I received positive comments from several people who saw the book...that really helped.

Diane and I met today for lunch and I presented the beautiful, ivory satin album to her. (Now I don't have to make sure people wash their hands before they look at it...LOL.) And my burden was lifted...SHE LOVED IT!!!

The album is now available for all to see. For those of you who do take a look at it, your comments are not only welcomed but encouraged.

Diane & Steve, thank you again, so much for letting me share in your memories...TWICE!!! Love ya!


denaid said...

I DO love it. :) Thank you so much for doing an entire album for me. And for such a special event in my life. Any album of my wedding would have been special but to have a friend who is so special to me, who was actually at the event and who chronicled the events personally makes the album so much more meaningful and personal than just a black matted book of photos.

Thank you again Dawn. I love it.

Brown English Muffin said...

After MUCH deliberation I think this is my favorite page!! But I really love them ALL!!

I love it when you look at someones page and you just want to run home and scrap...that's when you know they did a good job!!!

Tangee said...

It's just beautiful. I love what you did with it. It was truly a labor of love and TALENT. You are so GREAT!