Thursday, November 01, 2007

Birthday shout out, Not a BIT scary!!! Just plain ole CUTE!!! & Friday Flower Fix

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Before I get into this potentially long post, how bout a birthday shout out? Ya'll know Adrienne, right? Well, today is her birthday. Please join me in wishing Adrienne the happiest of birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adrienne! Hope you have an AWESOME day!!!

Ok, now it's time to *finally* share some pix of my pretty little gobblin. And for the record, she's not a BIT scary...just plain ole CUTE!!! Check her out...

Below is a little taste of how many kids were at our neighborhoods annual hayride. Can you believe all these kids live in our sub-division? And this wasn't even ALL of them. Thank goodness we have less than 100 homes, huh? :-) The kids absolutely love this. And it keeps them so safe. My neighbor, Mr. Eric, rents a trailer, hitches it to his truck and drives the kids around to collect their tasty treats. The parents just follow behind the trailer and help the kids off and and on...oh, and one lucky parent gets to rake up the hay that falls off :-).

This is just a cute picture of my neighbors dog, Midas. Hmmm, wonder what Trae wants to dress up as next year? :-)

So, now, what's next? Thanksgiving, right? I can't believe it's time to start thinking Turkey :-). And Christmas will quickly follow suit. But in the meantime, I've got a Luau to plan. I've got everything I need for little Missy's party and I'm getting really excited. The stuff I ordered should be here today or tomorrow. YAY!!! And another exciting thing that may be happening the weekend of the party is, your friend AND mine, Lynilu will be in town. I REALLY hope we're able to meet up.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, yesterday, I went on a field trip with Jayla's *K* class. We went to a makeshift pumpkin patch (yes, AGAIN!) Needless to say, the kids were a little disappointed. But fortunately, they had a lot of other fun things planned for them to do. We spent just about all day there.

Oh, and you'll love this...we were up on this deck where the kids go to have hear a story and sing songs. As we were leaving to go to our next stop on the tour, Jayla grabs my hand and says, "Uh, Mom...I have a little problem here." And one of the other kids quickly dimes her out and says, "Ooooo, Jayla's shoe came off!!!" Well, not only did her shoe "come" fell into a hole and fell under the deck! You're kidding, right? "RIGHT!" Jayla says :-). But yes, she did put her foot into a hole and her shoe did fall under the deck. Oh well, nothing I can do about it right now, let's move on. Long story short, as Jayla's hopping down the bunny trail (sorry, couldn't help that one, hee hee), she's complaining about the rocks hurting her foot. Too bad for you, sweetie...let's keep it movin', kid! I caught up to the lady who read us a story and she radio's to the maintenance guy. As we're wandering through the smelly make shift petting zoo, the guy brings me Jayla's shoe. Problem solved.

And to add to our fun filled day, we spent our lunchtime multi-tasking. By that I mean, trying to eat AND fight off yellow jackets! ARGH!!! Little girls sure do scream loud!!!

Alrighty now, you know the next question...what have ya'll got planned for the weekend? Something fun I hope. Jayla has a game and her EOS party tonight. We're having the party these people love me or WHAT??? :-D Then tomorrow is her last game of the season. The boys play tomorrow too, but they're not quite done yet. Tomorrow is the last day of the regular season. But we're headed to tournaments next weekend. More on that later...with some hotel bed jumping photos, just for you Cheryl :-).

And NOW, ladies and gents, here's what you've all been patiently been waiting for. The Friday Flower Fix:So pretty, huh? It's actually a wedding bouquet from a Fall wedding. Hmmm, I don't think I ever would've thought of this. But I really like it. It's perfect for the season and to end this post with.

I hope you guys have a wonderful, fun filled weekend. And I'll holla atcha soon. TOODLES!!


patti_cake said...

Wonderful pics and I love a hayride! Can't wait to see the luau! So fun!
What an adorable little cheerleader! C-U-T-E!

Cheryl Wray said...

She is too danged cute!!!!

And I can't believe ALL those kids. Wow!!! Looks like you live in a great neighorhood!!!

Yummm...Chik-Fil-A!! I think that you alone keep them in business!!! lOL

I'm ALREADY anticipating the bed jumping pics!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I love the pics of Jayla in her cheerleading uniform...oh god it's cute!!! How do you get her hair sooo neat like that!!!

I can't believe her shoe got funny!!!

I wish I lived in a sub division that's such a neat idea!!!

Jude said...

what a great neighborhood idea, i love it! i cannot wait to see the little miss in all her luau glory! :)

Lynilu said...

Jayla is a cute cheerleader, and I see that she went along with the covered legs! Good for her! the hayride sounds like a fun way to spend the holiday, keeps everyone together for safety, too. Well, except for shoes!! LOL! That was too funny!

Duly Noted said...

She is too cute...makes me wish I had a daughter...

TanishaRenee said...

Plain ole cute is right!

Adrienne said...

She is TOO cute!!! Those are a LOT of kids!!!! Thanks for the Bday wishes!!

jacki j. said...

purple flowers, a daughter named Jayla... if I didn't know any better, I would think you were me! Looks like you had a good night. What a cutie!

Very inspiring blog.

jacki j. said...

I found you thru Kimberly's blog "The Ramblings of a not so sane mommy"
I recently moved to Atlanta. I don't think we are that far from each other. I'm teaching at the Michaels near me. We'll have to meet someday.
email me

denaid said...

A soccer player and a cheerleader... hrm... she's going to be a busy teenager.