Monday, November 05, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes....

Hey ya'll!

Before I get into this post, I just have to share something with you. Remember in my last post I made mention of the field trip we went on on Thursday of last week? Does "make shift" pumpkin patch ring a bell? Well, I found one of the pictures I took of it. Check this out...

Can you believe they insulted the kids like this? But I will say this, at least this one, unlike last years, had a sign above know, to give us an idea of what it's SUPPOSED to be, LOL.

Anyhoo....the Lil Stingrays had their EOS party on Friday night. They played really well at their game too...probably because they knew that cake and Chick Fil A was soon to follow. Here's a picture of Coach Daddy presenting Jayla with her trophy.
He always has a cute little speech and his favorite *memory* from the season. He's starting to figure out that he's in this coaching gig for the long haul...we think Jayla's a lifer! :-)LOL

This is a close up of the trophies the Lil Stingrays received. Pretty cool, huh? This makes #7!

From what I'm told...THIS is the proper way to eat a cupcake. Just put your pursed lips directly into the middle of the icing...smear it all over your mouth. Then give the cake part to your daddy, LOL.

Oh, I almost forgot, the big Stingrays ended their season with another win. WOO HOO!!! They won 3 - 1! This season turned out a heck of a lot better than we expected. After the first game and their first win, one of the coaches told the parents not to expect many wins as this was the boys' first season in U14. Well, needless to say, he had to eat his words, lol. But he happily did so. We ended the season in 2nd place with an 8 - 2 record. Not too shabby!! We'll be leaving for a tournament on Friday afternoon and we'll return on Sunday. So I'll keep ya'll posted on how they do. GO STINGRAYS!!!

Well, let's see, what else has been going on? OH...I have 2 little Jayla stories to share with you. One was a super sweet moment and the other was...well I'll let you decide :-).

~Last night, we were all about to sit down for dinner, and Jayla asked if she could say the grace. She and Markell used to fight over this every night. How cool is that? Kids fighting over who would say the blessing. Anyway, last night, Jayla asked if she could say it. Normally, she says the basic, "God is great, God is good....." prayer. And we thought that's what she'd do this time. But she caught ALL of us off guard. It went a little something like this: "Dear God, thank you for my mommy and my daddy. Thank you for making them love me so much and for me loving them. Thank you for my family. And I love them. Thank you for this dinner and for making it good for us to eat. Amen!" Oh my goodness, you guys...I was in TEARS! It was SO sweet. It was another minute or so before we started eating, as we were all praising her on how well she did and how sweet she is. I love that little girl.

And now...the "other" side of that sweet little GIRL! :-)

~This past Friday, I was helping Jayla get ready for school. I was in the process of tucking her shirt into her jeans, when out of the blue she says: " the nuts!!" LOL My mouth just dropped opened and she busted out laughing. All I could say was, 'Where in the WORLD did you get that from?" She couldn't remember, (yeah RIGHT!) But she did mention something about the Stingrays. LOL (Note: after each game, Jayla likes to run across the field to go see her daddy. Normally, the boys are horsing around amongst themselves and with Coach Marque. So I'm 99% sure, she "overheard" one of them say that)

Ok, I think that's it for one day. Jayla was home today for a teachers work day and will be tomorrow too. So needless to say, I'm a little tapped out today :-). So I'll leave you with 2 cute/random pix of my girl.

The last picture of her isn't that great. But the outfit is TOO STINKIN CUTE! My dad and his girlfriend, Gwen, bought this for Jayla for her birthday last year. It was WAY too big then and this is the first time she's worn it. I LOVE it!!!

Ya'll enjoy your week and I'll holla atcha later. TOODLES!!!


jacki j. said...

what cute pictures!

denaid said...

Pumpkin patch is classic. That is awesome.

The trophy is so cool! How neat!

The blessing... OMG as soon as I read what she said I KNEW you'd be crying even before I read that you were crying. She is an amazing little girl.

Such a cutie.

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!!!!!! i love the blessing and then the "nuts" comment. They are just messes, aren't they??? Being a Mom is the best. Sydney pretty much warms my heart everyday (and then says some of the craziest things right afterwards!! lol)

The pic of your hubby as Coach reminded me somuch of Gary at our trophy presentations. Other coaches will just hand out the trophies, but Gary always does a speech. Says something good about every girl and tells a little story about them from the season. SO sweet and special!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Mind the nuts!!! LOL OMG I would have been soooo shocked!!!

I love those two outfits on her and I love the way she knows how to pose especially in the 2nd one...her hand on her hip such a little big girl!!!

Lynilu said...

Darn! I left you a comment yesterday, but it didn't make it. I was having blogger-hiccups all day long.

I simply said that the girls were adorable, and I especially like those "mean" looks!! Quaking in my boots!!

Thomisia said...

adorable little model!