Friday, November 30, 2007

Better late than never....

Well POO-POO....I forgot about the FFF...AGAIN!!!

Ok, I didn't really forget this time. I've just been a crazy woman all day.

Today, I worked at Jayla's school and we made Christmas ornaments for a few hours. Oh my goodness, they came out so cute. As soon as Jayla is able to bring hers home, I'll have to share them with you here. I'm not big on hanging the handmade/childrens ornaments on my tree. But I may "display" them somewhere. They were cute though. I was in charge of 2 of them...those were the cutest, LOL.

After working at the school, I checked Jayla out early (she was gonna get out in less than 30 minutes anyway). And we headed straight to the grocery store.

This trip was destined to take twice as long as my normal shopping trips. Jayla was so excited about taking one of her birthday presents to the store with us. A doll stroller that converts guessed it...a shopping cart! ARGH!!!

Why do I agree to this stuff?

I'm such a sucker. But, you guys, it WAS cute. She got so many comments and so many smiles at the store. Just about anything that she could reach...and that I needed, she wanted to put in HER cart. After a while, I had to cut the girl off. Obviously, that little thing couldn't hold that much...but she tried to pack it out! Again, it was very cute.

2 1/2 hours later, we were done with our shopping and headed home. Once we got home, MY day got started, lol. Oh the joys of SAHMhood! Let's see, I had to put up the groceries, fold up the towels & sheets that were in the drier, wash Jayla's clothes, change the bed sheets, wash my hair, give Jayla a bath, THEN put away Jayla's clean clothes. Hmmm, no dinner plans in that list. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, ORDER dinner. Gotta love take out Chinese.

ARGH...I forgot that once I'm done with this post, I have to dry my hair. Alrighty, needless to say, I'm a little tired right now. But I always manage to get my "computer work" done. See, I love you guys!!! :-D

SO, what have ya'll got planned for the weekend? Tomorrow morning, we're meeting a friend of ours to have some family photos taken. I can't wait. Hopefully, we'll get some good enough shots to use for our Christmas pictures/cards. My oldest daughter is supposed to be meeting us too. So I really hope she shows. It's been several years since we've had family pictures with her. My friend, will also be doing shots of Jayla by herself. She wants to send some pictures of her to the modeling agency that her kids work for. That should be interesting, huh? Jayla...a MODEL??? (I can't even say that with a straight face)

Anyhoo, that's all I've got for now. But before I go, allow me to thank you for your patience (again) and give you what you've waited for...ALL DAY.
Have a great weekend!!!


Lynilu said...

Oooouuuuuu. That purple flower is gorgeous!

Now, about Jayla ... do you think you can get her to pose for your friend? I mean, the child is so shy and reluctant. Hmmm. Well, good luck with that.

LOL!!! Hysterically, falling on the floor, and rolling around LOL!!!

Ah, whew! (drying eyes) OK, you have a good weekend, my friend! :)(:

Jude said...

Can't wait to see the ornaments that Jayla made! :) Your Friday sounds like ours... busy! :) Hope the photo shoot comes out great, and YES I can picture Miss Jayla as a model. :)

DMB said...

Aww, Jayla sounds too precious. Funny the things that we WANT to do as kids (pushing a shopping cart, playing 'Store', vaccuum, etc.)are the things we realize pretty much SUCK as adults!

And remember when taking a nap was the worst thing to have to do ever??

jacki j. said...

I thought I commented the other day. The flower is fabulous. It was worth the wait!!! A model?? That should be interesting. she certainly is photogenic. I still want to go to Archivers this week....

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh I LOVE homemade ornaments on the tree. I don't have any other right now it always looks a little empty and sad!!!

Gretchen said...

beautiful FFF. Jayla has a wonderful mommy IMO.