Monday, August 25, 2008

New "job", Birthday, and a cold...OH MY!!

My goodness, where have you guys been for the past week?

Oh,'s ME that hasn't been around for a week.

It's been a little crazy around here, but nothing I can't handle. So, where should I begin?

Well, how bout we just go in order of my title. DUH!! Well, I got a job...kinda. A few weeks back, a friend of mine was lurking around on Craigs List and came across an ad that she thought I'd be interested in. Come to find out, it was an ad for a scrapbooking job. Intrigued, I checked it out...or should I say, I responded to the ad. A nice lady, we'll call her "L", was wanting to pay someone to create 4...yes, FOUR scrapbooks for her daughter's birthday by the end of the month. Still intrigued, I sent the link to my blog so "L" could see some of my work. After a few days of exchanging emails, she wanted to meet with me (and 3 other scrappers). Long story short, I was chosen as one of the people to work on the books. "L" wound up choosing 3 of us to do the work, as now we have a little less time to work on them.

A week or so later, I heard back from "L" and we scheduled a time for me to go and pick up the photos. ANYWAY, that's what I've been working on since Friday of last week. I have to have my book done by Sept. I don't have much time. I have another meeting with "L" tomorrow to get more pictures to work on. I'm praying I can get this done in time and done like she wants it to be. "L" is really sweet and knows exactly what she wants. Fortunately, we communicate really well with eachother, so I'm sure it will all work out.

Since I talked with you all last, my "pretty boy" has had a birthday. On Friday, the 22nd, Trae turned 3 years old.

Here's daddy giving Trae his birthday treat. My nephew and his wife told us that dogs like peanut butter. Who woulda thunk it? And they say that it helps keep their coats nice and shiny. So this was Trae's first taste of the nutty condiment :-).

Here, it looks like he's not quite sure what we've given him :-). But he's no sissy, he'll try anything...and I do mean ANYTHING!

Look, I think he likes it...he's SMILING!! lol

For some ODD reason, Mister M. wouldn't let me buy Trae a birthday cake this year. Something about him being a DOG!! No funny hat either...what's up with THAT?? lol

Ok, let's see, what else? OH...I have a code! I think Jayla gave it to me. She had a slight code after the first week of schood. I asked her about it yesterday and she lovingly said, "Well, that's what you get for taking care of me!" Thanks sweedie! Fortunately, I don't feel bad, I just can't breede very know, a liddle congested. Tell me, why does congestion get worse at night? Can your node really tell that it's dark outside? ("alright guys, the sun has gone down and it's time to back it up!") ANYWAY...this too shall pass!

Well, I think that's about it. I still have another thing I'd like to share with ya'll...but the time must be right. And right now, it ain't! :-) But I PROMISE I won't forget...cuz I'm SO excited about it. Also, I am still waiting to get the pictures from 80's night. So as soon as I get those, I'll share them with you.

Oh shoot, I almost forgot. Well...I DID forget last week. How bout a flower fix? Sorry to be such a slacker...I've been busy...and snotty! :-)

Ya'll have a great week and I'll be talkin to you sood! ACHOOOO!!! Skuze me! Talk to you lader! :-)


Adrienne said...

Congrats on the "gig" LOL
NO BIRTHDAY CAKE!?!? How dare he lol.

Tammi said...

How neat-o!
That would be awesome to get paid for doing something that you actually LOVE to do anyways,huh?
Great the hound-dog.
Happy late birthday to Trae.
You leave us for a while and then come back with ALL good news.AWESOME.
I rarely get to do that.If I'm gone a bit,something crazy usually happens.hahaha(well,not funny)
I'm really excited to see someone get to use their God given talent for others that just don't feel as creative as you,D.
As for me,I've still been useing all my scrapbooking thoughts I can muster up for this BIG "DIVERSITY" board at work.Ohhhh if I only had a few tips from YOU!!
Better yet...can you swing by and help me?lol
I'm doing the board like I do my scrapbooks,moreless.
Your help is SO needed dearest Dawn!

Trisha said...

Girl..I am so sorry about your "code" LOL! Not meaning to laugh, but hunny bunny..I hope you get better! I am waiting for those pics! And what is up with the teasing!? You know that aint right Boo!

renee said...

Congrats on the scrapping gig. I don't know why kids love to share their germs. Hope you feel better soon.

Lynilu said...

Well, it's about time!!! LOL!

What a week! I'm concerned, though, about you accepting that job. It means you're gonna be busy and might not blog often. Not good, Dawn, not good at all!! Good luck on it! You could actually make a career of that, couldn't you? I think scrapbooks are cool, but I have no desire to do one myself. Just the difference in people, I guess.

And happy birthday to Trae! But yes, tell Mr. M that we all vote for a cake next year. Make him one of dog food with peanut butter icing. I promise he will love that!! Cupcake size would probably be perfect for dinner, right?

I hate codes. I had one not long ago, and it just stinks. Hope you're on the toad to mending soon!

Boy, I'm glad you're back. Now .... don't go 'way again!!

Monogram Queen said...

Hope you are feeling better and a big Congrats on your new gig!

Trae is so chocolatey pretty!

Gretchen said...

Wow, talk about getting a job which coordinates well with your gifting! Good for you!

Sorry about your code and all. :(

My dog receives her meds in pb every time. Luuurves it. My spoiled old dachshund gets a piece of his daddy's english muffin w/pb each morning.

Blessings on your week.

Leah said...

Getting paid to scrapbook? You can't beat that!

Kimberly said...

Hope you feel better soon and don't know if I would have enough creative juices to do someone elses scrapbook...I do good to get my stuff done. LOL! Have a great week.

TanishaRenee said...

feel better girlie- can't wait to hear your news!

Diane said...

Happy Bday Trae! btw, I use PB to give my dogs pills... Just stick the pill in the PB and they lick it up and take the pills without complaint.

Very cool that you're able to use your amazing talent to get yourself some cash. A job you love... what a concept! :) Hey, will you scrap my wedding? :)

Susie Q said...

Happy BD Trae!!! : ) Kipper says he needs some Ritter's ice cream! Come on up Trae!

I have missed you sweet lady.
Congrats on this wonderful gig Dawn!! getting paid to do what yo love is priceless!


Lu said...

congrats on the new job. and you have one of my favorite songs playing on your blog. I love goapele.

Babydoll said...

Cool new job!! Happy Birthday to the pooch, and sorry you have a cold!! Thanks for the flower!

Trina said...

What a great "new job" to have! Always fun to get paid doing something you love!

Jenniwren32 said...

Congrats on the scrappin job! Have fun!!!

gold said...

That is great to have a job you enjoy! Your dog is so cute, I think he needed a birthday cake for his birthday!!HA HA