Sunday, August 17, 2008

One week down

I'm glad to announce, that Jayla successfully made it through the first week of school (so did I). To her, everyday was AWESOME! :-)

My goal was to park and walk Jayla to her new classroom the entire first week of school...just like I did last year. But being that she's no longer "new" to the school, I was a little lenient on the idea. Only thing is, SHE didn't know that. So on Friday, we were on our way to school and our conversation went a little something like this...

J- "Mom, do you think I can walk in by myself today? I'm a big girl, you know!"
M- "Well, I had planned to let you walk in by yourself, starting on Monday."
J- "C'mon mom, I'm a big girl. Can I PLEEZE walk in by myself? I'll go straight to my class!"
M- "Hmmm, well, it's just one day sooner. So I guess so. Are you sure you don't want me to park and go in with you, just one more day?"
J- "Nah, I'll be fine.
M- "Ok then."
J- "Thanks mom! And don't worry mommy, I still need you in my life!"

Ok, now what do you say when the conversation ends like that? LOL My little Jayla is just too much. And I guess I should mention that as she got out of the van to go in the school, she blows a kiss at me, tells me to have a good day and REMINDS me to pick her up after school, LOL. Hmm, I guess she DOES still need me in her life :-).

Alright, about this picking her up after school thing, I wasn't able to on Friday. Several months ago, I scheduled an appointment to have a physical. And of course, they scheduled it at 2pm on a school day. So Jayla got to ride home with one of her friends on Friday. She was so excited about that "change in plans". Talk about an eventful day :-).

Let me just go on record and say that I didn't know that women had physicals. I mean, why would I think that? All women "supossedly" go for their annual appts with the I just figured that was our "physical". Or maybe, what I really thought was, "SHEESH, isn't the OB appt ENOUGH!?!?!" Hmmm, guess not.

Well, you'll be glad to know that I got a good bill of health. And to be a 41 1/2 year old woman, I'm in pretty good health. Better than I thought, really. For those of you who have actually met me'll be surprised by this one comment the ole doc made. She told me that I need to...get MORE! Maybe she needs her eyes checked...I'd be happy to recommend someone for her, lol. Strangely enough, you have to eat to lose weight. Talk about an oxymoron! I am a VERY, VERY picky eater and to be honest, I don't eat that much or that often. I told the doc what a day of eating consists of for me, and she was in shock. She said she's never met anyone who doesn't LIKE to eat. Well, that's me. Eating is just not at the top of my list of things to do. And by the time I do eat, I'm only reminded to do so by the hunger headache I get (almost daily). A normal day for me is MAYBE eating lunch and a little dinner. Me and Advil are real good friends. To me, it's easier to pop an Advil to get rid of the headache than it is to take the time to eat.
Anyway, I'm gonna try and work on that. But one bit of good news the doc gave me was, that Chick Fil A is one of the healthiest fast food restaurants there is. 9 times out of 10, if I eat fast food, that's where I go. I LOVE IT!!! So, I was happy about that.

Ok, ya'll know Jude, right? Well, although I've never met her IRL, we've exchanged a few emails and we comment on one anothers blogs. So I FEEL like she's an ole friend. A few months back, we talked about doing a photo swap. Well, we finally did that and completed a few scrapbook layouts for eachother. I just got the ones she did for me this past Saturday and they are AMAZING! She's gonna post those on her blog soon. But in the meantime, here are the LO's I did for her of her boys: (not sure if you can click on them to make 'em bigger...but give it a try)

The baby, Alden.
Of the 3 boys, Alden loves the water more than his big brothers did at this young age. He's so cute.

The middle son, Emerson.

Jude says that Emerson loves dogs. But being that he's allergic to them, these stuffed ones are the closest he gets to them...and he loves them just as much :-).

Emerson, obviously had fishing on his mind. So he laid down the basketball goal, propted himself up on it and pretended that he was fishing. I just love that. He's creative like his momma!

And, the oldest, Lincoln.

You all know that soccer is s big part of my life. So imagine my delight when I saw these pix of Lincoln. :-)

Thanks Jude, for trusting me with your memories. I hope you enjoyed these LO's as much as I enjoyed the ones you did of my Jayla.

Alright my fine people, what's going on this week? Anything interesting? Hopefully this week, I won't be in an alone FUNK like I was last week. I think I am now use to the fact school is back in full effect. So that means, I just need to find ANOTHER life, right? (at least until time to go sit in the carpool line, lol)

Have a great week. Talk to you soon.


Leah said...

Love all those layouts you did for Jude!

Gretchen said...

The layouts are darling; you really captured each personality. And...luurrved the story about Jayla still needing a mom. I tell my kids they seem to only need a chauffeur and a cook. :O)

Monogram Queen said...

Way to go Jayla!

You did a wonderful job on them! I wish you lived closer i'd hire you to scrapbook my stuff... if I could find it all that is! Ha!

Jude said...

I am so glad we did the LO swap! I will get mine posted today!! I LOVE those LOs and love seeing my boys make it to your blog!! :) Now, onto Miss J... oh my, she is so funny! What a big girl!! I amy call you in tears next Monday... LOL!!

Cheryl Wray said...

These layouts are so great!!!I am absolutely going to do a scrapbook swap very soon!! I love the idea!

I'm so glad that Jayla had a great first week. Of course, I couldn't imagine otherwise. (And, yes, her comment was precious!)

I got my email from Adrienne. Try and email me I don't know why it isn't come through to me!

Trisha said...

How awesome! They layouts ae cute! And that miss Jayla is too much!

Sheila said...

Hi Dawn and Thanks for stopping by. I must say your banner is beautiful.

Reading your post about your daughter's first week was so sweet and took me back to when my daughter was younger, but of course... now @ 20 she would have a fire fit if I even walked her to the train station... lol.

Awesome LO and how sweet to do a swap.

Tammi said...

Ohhh how cool!
First of already started?Hmm...I don't THINK it's started HERE....but I may be wrong.I'll have to call my sister and see if my nieces and nephews are back in school now.Hmm..
Love.Love.Love the layouts!
Right behind me,all over the table,down to all OVER my floor in this extra room,I am scrapping an entire board for work on "DIVERSITY"...
It would be awesome if you lived close by and could help me.I'm dragging,and since I'm the one that got elected to do this,since I brought my scrapbooks to work and all...then I better get busy,huh?
Go Jayla Go!!!!First days,and first weeks are so cool.I bet she comes home a "chatty cathy doll"

Lynilu said...

Oh, goodness, I love Jayla's conversation with you! How many first graders would be aware that mom has her needs in relationship to the kiddo? She's something, that child!

Something good!!

Susie Q said...

I haven't seen you in ages sweetie.
I have been thinking about your precious girl and hoping her school year started off super duper!

The picture of her is so beautiful!!

Love the layouts. What a fun idea to swap!!


Tammi said...

OK Dawn!
What gives,huh? I put you on my faves and now your MIA...missing in action.
So do I need to send out the search party?