Monday, August 11, 2008

Our 1st Grader!

Today was Jayla's first day of 1st grade.

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday, I was posting pictures from her first day of kindergarten? Time just goes by too fast.

Well, let's see...last night, Jayla only got up ONCE after being sent to bed :-). So I guess it's safe to say she got enough sleep.

This was not only a change for her but for me too. I'm much easier to get along with if I'm able to sleep until 8:30 or 9. But over the summer, we got the knock on the door between 7 and 8 every morning. Not today!! I'm sure I woke up every hour last night/early this morning, just to make sure I didn't over sleep on the first day of school. I finally got up at 6:15 and staggered into Jayla's room. She was a little hard to rouse...but once I reminded her that today was the first day of school, she BOLTED out of bed :-).

She asked for her usual for breakfast...Macaroni & cheese and chocolate milk. Ummm, breakfast of champions!

I'm glad to say that we had an uneventful fussing, no complaining and only one re-do of the face washing :-).

I was a little embarassed this morning though, when my little lady reminded me that, "I wore these socks the first day of school LAST year, MOM!" Who remembers stuff like that? Ok, I remembered too, but I didn't think SHE would, lol. The outfit HAS to match...DUH! So wearing the same socks as the first day last year is the least of my worries :-).

Sock episode behind's time to do the hair. OH...the I loathe thee! We kept it simple this time. Although I was asked if I could "curl it with that hot thing again...PAH-LEEZE, Mommy!! ":-)

Ok, Dora outfit on? Check! Face washed? Check! Face washed AGAIN? Check! Remaining teeth brushed? Check! (She lost her 3rd tooth over the weekend) Hair combed/brushed/curled? Check! Check! CHECK! Alright, it's picture time. It's only 7am and the school doors don't open until 7:15...we've got plenty of time for pictures.

Oh wait, let's not forget the Dora backpack! And the snack. CHECK!!

We head outside and it's not quite light outside yet. But we HAVE to take the infamous front porch pictures, right? She's so stinkin cute! And such a big girl. I was almost in tears when I looked at these pictures.

Ok, I'm almost done with the pictures. I mean, many pictures can a mother take on the first day of 1st grade? This is a milestone in EVERY childs educational career. :-)

We made it to school in record time (it's only a mile away). The doors weren't even open yet, so we had to stand out front until they were REALLY ready for us :-). So why not take another picture in front of the school statue? lol (see last picture below)

Jayla got to see several of her friends as we walked down the halls to her new class. I'm really glad I walked in with her...otherwise, the girl never would've made it to class. She had to stop and hug all her friends and all the teachers she little social butterfly.

She was the first one to her class. "Mom, take a picture!" She said, as she hugged her new 1st grade teacher.

Jayla found her desk and unpacked all her stuff. "Bye mom! See ya this afternoon!"

Well, the first day of school is now old news. Although Jayla couldn't remember ANYTHING she did today other than go outside and eat lunch, lol. I think we're off to a good 1st grade start.


denaid said...

Wow... She's getting to be a big girl!! I love all the posing. She'll be a model like her big sister!

Gretchen said...

Oh, momma, you'll be okay. I know it. Jayla is sooo ready. And she sure does love the camera. Like mother like daughter. :) Such a cutie you have there.

Cheryl Wray said...

She is SO cute!!!!! I know she had a great day!

Lynilu said...

Isn't it a mixture of feelings we have as mothers at times like this? You're so proud of her for being confident and capable, yet watching her express those things also means she is growing up (and away!).

Milestones! And she does them beautifully!

Anonymous said...

My babycakes is growin up way too fast... Why couldnt she just stay 2... Sheesh!! (she is adorable She is lil Marque Bibbs all day long!

Trisha said...

How awesome is that! And you are supposed to take alot of pics! It is a huge milestone! She is so cute! And SHAME ON YOU for putting on those same socks! Come on maa...!!! LOL!

Monogram Queen said...

I was sure I had commented, oh well what a big and beautiful girl! I know you are sad, but proud!

...Is Johnson said...

What an eventful day! She is so cute. Don't they grow up fast?

Leah said...

LOL This cracked me up. She's so sweet!

Babydoll said...

Thanks for sharing!! I loved reading that story. :) I'll have to post my daughter's first day of school pictures soon. We're not even going to discuss the hair combing!! LOL!! I'm glad she has a great first day. :)

Veroncia said...

Looking good J! I'm sure her first week was totally awesome.