Friday, July 24, 2009


:-) HI!

Betcha can't guess where I've been since my last post? Can you tell from my post title? Oh, ya'll aren't into soccer like I am, huh? :-) Oh, c''s FUN!!!

This past Wednesday night (YES, on my GNO night!) me, Mister M. , Jayla and about 30 of our closest soccer fan friends went to a professional soccer game at the Georgia Dome. For those of you who DO know a little about soccer, we saw AC Milan vs. Club America.

Jayla and I had never been to a professional game before, so this was a real treat for us. But the biggest treat was being able to see our favorite player....

...Ronaldinho! There he is...right the black & red stripe shirt...ya see him? Although we had AWESOME seats (2nd row from the field, just to the side of the goal...we could almost wipe the sweat from their brows) I still wasn't able to get great pictures. Mainly because the Dome was almost CONVULSING from the sheer sound of yelling soccer fans. So needless to say, it was a little difficult to keep a steady hand.

And speaking of the sound...OH MY GOSH, it was SOOOOOO loud! But I think that just added to the excitement of it all.

Oh, and last thing about the game, then I'll move on. Now ya'll know me! Ya'll know that I am very fortunate & blessed to have a VERY diverse group of friends/associates/family members :-)...stay with me...I'm getting to my point. But NEVER...and I do mean NEVA...have I ever seen (or heard) so many Mexicans in one confined space in my LIFE!

We've been involved in soccer now for about 6 years. And in those 6 years, we have seen our share of Latinos and heard our share of the Spanish language :-). And again, I have NOTHING against ANYONE! But, MY GOODNESS, the Georgia Dome was CHOCK FULL of Spanish speaking Americans on Wednesday night, you hear me? It was AWESOME! :-) Boy, soccer fans sure do know how to have a good time. So what there were 2 fights on the field and a couple in the stands and a few in the concession area...SO what! With a crowd of 50,306 people (exact number, by the way), you're bound to have a disagreement here or there :-).

Seriously, it was SO much fun! I can't wait to go to another pro game. Sadly, our team lost by one goal...but it was still a great time!

OK...on to other news. Last week I had to take Jayla to her first Orthodontist appointment. What's up with that? The other 2 people that I had the privilege of raising never even heard the word Orthodontist until they were in middle school...and that was because some of their friends had been.

Anyway, we're not gonna sweat it. The ole tooth doctor said we don't have to worry about doing anything "corrective" for a while. Jayla is only 7 and she is still in the early stages of losing teeth. So we will go back in January to see what, if any, changes have been made in her cute little mouth and we'll go from there. Fortunately, IF we do have to get braces, it'll only be on the top. But again, we're not gonna sweat it right now. Jayla, on the other hand, almost had to be sedated when she found out what an Orthodontist does :-). But when I informed her that IF she had to get braces, that she could get pink on her teeth somewhere, she was almost disappointed that we didn't start the procedure that day! She's a nut!

So...last night me and my GNO friends got together. Remember, I went to a soccer game on our regular meeting night...keep up! :-D ANYWAY, we didn't want to do our "regular" thing and thought we'd go to an improv "comedy" show. I say, "comedy" because I'm sure it was SUPPOSED to be funny. It was one of those "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" kinda deals. A couple of the guys were kinda funny. But for the most part, it was kinda lame. I think I spent most of the time laughing at & with my friends at other stuff :-). We had a fun evening out though. I just love hanging with my girls!! After the show, we went to one of Georgia's famous landmarks for some of the girls to munch on some greaseri...uh, I mean onion rings :-). Then it was on to one of MY favorite places...YUMMY!!! (for those of you who have never been there...don't even bother pulling in if the HOT sign ain't on!...I'm just sayin!)

Today, me and Jayla are going to meet up with Briyanna (my eldest) for a tour of the Georgia State campus. Ya'll, I'm SO proud of her. She is 5 weeks shy of graduating from Stafford Brown College in the field of Pediatric Nursing. AND...she's at the top of her class! She has decided to continue on with school, while she's motivated, and hopes to start at Georgia State in their nursing program this Fall. So anyway, that's what we're doing today.

But before I go, I think I would be amiss if I didn't leave you with a Flower Fix. I haven't done that in a while. So here ya go...enjoy!

Toodles! Ya'll have a great weekend!


Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like you have been having A LOT of fun!!! I love the soccer match story and you know I love Krispy Kremes!!

Brown English Muffin said...

There's nothing like a professional soccer match....the crowds, the roar the entire atmosphere...and I don't even like sports...but you'll hear me scream...ARSENAL, ARSENAL, ARESNAL!!!

Gretchen said...

Glad you enjoyed the game with the fam! Soccer is a terrific sport, but know that. ;)