Monday, July 27, 2009

You're kidding me, RIGHT???

...ok, let me set the scene for you...

I go into the playroom to tell Jayla that it's time for her shower. Only to find her sitting in a chair, under the curtain at the window. I hear her talking to herself (as she often does). But I couldn't hear exactly what she was saying. So I gently pull back the side of the curtain and peek in at her.

THERE I find my daughter holding a piece of paper with names of kids on it (and teachers) that have been in her class over the past 2 years. I look at her and notice that her nose is running. So I ask her what's wrong (this is where it gets interesting) and the conversation went something like this...

Mom: "What's wrong?"

Jayla: sniff..."I've just been crying, that's all!" sniff

Mom: "What are you crying about?" now looking a little bit closer at the paper she's holding

Jayla: sniff, sniff "Do you remember on the last day of school, I was crying?" sniiiiiffff

Mom: "Yeah???" trying not to laugh

Jayla: "Well..." sniff, sniff, "I was crying because I didn't want to leave school for the summer and I didn't want to miss my friends! AND I didn't want to stop learning and all that stuff!" "I didn't even WANT to have a summer break! I don't NEED a break!" "I wish I could go to bed right NOW!" sniff, sniff "and wake up and go to school!!" SNIFF

Mom: "Well, honey, I'm sorry, but school has to close for the summer which means you'll have a summer break. The teachers want to spend some time with their families too, you know?"

Jayla: "WELL...I don't WANT to have summer!" sniiiifff..."I want to keep learning all that I can and I want to go to school and I want to see my school friends! sniiifff

Mom: "Jayla, there's nothing I can do about that right now. But ya'll start back to school in about 2 weeks anyway. So you'll be back with your school friends and learning more real soon. Now c'mon and take your shower."

By now, Mister M. is looking at me mouthing, "What's wrong with HER?" :-) I tell him and he just smiles and shakes his head.

So, I go in the bathroom and run Jayla's shower. Soon, she comes in there with me, I give the "shower instructions" and I leave the bathroom. A few seconds later, I come back down the hall and see her reflection in the mirror. This girl is now looking at herself working up an OSCAR worthy, deep sorrow BAWLING!!!

Are you KIDDING me? :-)

So the loving mother that I am stops and says to my daughter, as sweetly as I can...

"Alright Jayla, that's ENOUGH!!!" lol
Ok, I know I'm wrong for posting this. But I just HAD to share it with someone. I just love this kid! I'm not sure who's she is...cuz she CAN'T be mine! :) She really cracks me up and keeps me on my toes.

Oh, and I'll have ya'll know, this is NOT the first "melt down" we've had this summer. The 1st one was cured by, "Well, if you don't take a summer break, you won't get to go on vacation!" That one went over like a charm! Probably because it was the truth.

This time...I got nothin!! LOL

...and so it goes, as Jayla's world turns...tune in next week for the, "MOM, what am I gonna wear (that's pink) on the first day of school? Do you think my teacher (whoever she is) is going to like it?" episode.


Gretchen said...

Awwww...don't worry, Jayla, you'll be sick of school soon enough. Dawn, I'd print this out for her baby book. So funny.

Jude said...

oh my word... send some of her school love to us! I am hoping Lincoln will get more excited about it this year!!

Lynilu said...

I love the drama of daughters! Well, *other people's* daughters! And really, Dawn, would you change it? I thought not!

Cheryl Wray said...

She is something else!!!! I love it that she loves school and her friends so much!

(And I can seriously see Sydney doing the same thing!)

Brown English Muffin said...

This is sooo endearing...I hope she feels this way forever!!!

Tamika said...

You can tell Jayla that Ms Tamika in Philly "was crying on the last day of school too because my teenage daughters would be home all day making me crazy and not doing a thing I told them to do and wasting my money on a camp they don't like so I can't wait until school starts either!, lol" Your daughter is just too sweet and has a very loving spirit!

Susie Q said...

Oh she is the sweetest girl isn't she? I think it is awesome that she loves school so much and I hope that continues!
But as I too have a Drama girl living in my house...I know these such crying jags well!
Hugs to you and will be here soon! : )