Sunday, December 17, 2006

18 years and counting...

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary! Wow, has it REALLY been that long? This anniversary in particular brings a funny memory to mind. Back when Marque and I first got married, my dad affectionately said to us, "If you can make through the first 18 years, it'll be a piece of cake from there on out!". Well, dad...I guess we're ready for that "piece of cake"! We MADE IT!!!

Last night, as tradition would have it, we went to our favorite restaurant, Fogo De Chao for dinner. And what was even more special this time, is they gave us the exact same table as last year. The ambiance at Fogo is so relaxing and romantic.

And as always, the food is AWESOME! Also as they did last year, they put "Happy Anniversary" on our dessert. How sweet is that?

Well, all I have to say, is I hope and pray that the next 18 years will be as wonderful as the 17 we've already had (that first year was rough...LOL).

Marque, if you read this, always know that I love you dearly and I wouldn't trade what we have for the world. As long as we both know that there's always room for improvement...we'll always strive for the best that OUR marriage has to offer. I love you!!!

Happy Anniversary!!


Anonymous said...

Wow... Fogo... I'm impressed! What a great anniversary place.

And what a cute picture of you two!!

Enough with the mushy stuff to your hubby. Geesh.

Congratulations on your 18 years. S & I can only hope to live up to your example. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just went back and looked at last year's entry. That is SOOOO cute that you were at the same table and you have a year later picture. SOOO cute.

mye said...

Congrats to you and yours! Wow, 18th years! Best of wishes to 18 more!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I am coming back to read your blog but I wanted to let you know that I finally made the chirstmas gifts for my daughters day care!!

See here!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Dawn!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

That is so sweet...and there as I thinking we were the only couple going back to the same restaurant every year!!!

It's so weird to look back at your pictures from last year...I can see a difference in both of your faces but it doesn't look like a year has passed!

You guys look good together!