Thursday, December 07, 2006

My OTHER Princess is Twenty-Two!!!

Someone pinch me!

As hard as it was to believe that my BABY is 5 years's even harder to believe that my FIRST baby is 22 years old! Yes, I said TWENTY-TWO! I feel faint!

I've gotta tell you, I have truly been blessed with some drop dead gorgeous daughters. But I am totally floored as to HOW beautiful this one turned out. I mean, I knew when she was born that she was a pretty baby, but I don't think I appreciated it as much as I would've had I been an older, more mature mother.

But as she grew older, God showed me more...not just through her beautiful face, but through her sweet spirit, that she's a beautiful person INSIDE as well.
Sure, we've had our issues...especially when she became a teenager. But what mother doesn't experience those times?

Now back to this 22 years old thing. What a blessing this young lady has become. She has grown up into a responsible adult. She's taking care of herself (and her cute little puppy) :-) What's funny about this is, she's finding out that being an adult and having to do for yourself isn't as fun as she thought it would be. She's finding that you can't just go to that "big ole grey box" and get money out anytime you want to...there's got to be money in there to get some out...LOL. But I'm beyond proud of her for taking care of her business.

Briyanna, I could not have asked for more special girls than you and your sister.

God has truly blessed me with the best of the best. I am SO proud of you and I love you SO much!!!

Please don't ever let a day go by without remembering that.

Happy Birthday, my dear beautiful daughter. Mommy loves you!!!


Trina said...

She's beautiful! I know you must be proud.

Briyanna said...

Thank you mommy.... I love you too. Thanks for never giving up on me and for continuing to be proud of me and love me even thru all the "crap".
Love you mommy!

Mye said...

What a beautiful post! And a beautiful young lady!

Anonymous said...

wow, she is beautiful. But then so is her mom! Dana

Brown English Muffin said...

Hold on a the daughter with the purple bow is that your 22 year old? She looks JUST like your 5 year old!! WOW LOL

They are both BEAUTIFUL...but you already know that!!!

Muriel said...

hope she has a good 22nd year!!!!

Tangee said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!