Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Layout - Like Father, Like Daughter

Happy Thursday everyone. It's almost Friday!!! Yay!!

Last night was my weekly Girls Night and I FINALLY got this one layout done. I've been working on it for 2 weeks. Amazing how it can take so long to do a layout that only contains 2 pictures, huh? Well, I've gotta make sure everything looks good together before I commit, right?

Anyway, here it is. (But first, a word from our sponsor: It's time to stop apologizing for the crappy scanning jobs. It's not our fault and not a thing we can do about it. Outside of purchasing a new scanner with a larger bed...which ain't happenin no time in the near future). Now, back to our previously scheduled posting.


Patterned paper - MM Cosmopolitan Downtown Dot Blue & Silk Scarf Blue

Cardstock - DCWV Spring Stack

Embellishments - Mini brads & MM pastel brads

Computer font - "Blake"

I love these pictures. My DH is always "saving the world" at his computer (gaming to me and you). So this is how you will find him when he's at home. Jayla, obviously sees her daddy doing this on a daily basis. So she decided she wanted to be like daddy. Funny thing about this is, these exact poses were not staged. The pictures were actually taken 2 years apart. Maybe the title should've been "Mini Me", huh? lol

Thanks for looking.


gold said...

That is to cute.Love the layoout.

denaid said...

Too cute. Love the patterned paper and the LO.

Jude said...

Love that you ahve a "girls night" and the LO is great! I have an evil scanner too, so I feel your pain!

Gretchen said...

Too cute! You are a very creative scrapbooker. I just tend to throw it on the page and label b/c I'm usually years behind in all my scrapping. Take care!

ScrappinMyRoots said...

Too cute!! Love it

renee said...

Great layout.