Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take a seat...this is gonna be a long one's another list! Just relax, it'll be fun.

Ya know, if you really want to blame someone for "making" me do all of these, blame Susie Q.! I do! lol But I can't help it, between her and Cheryl, they have some really fun questionnairs and lists on their blog. And I'm just a sucker for them.

So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Introduce yourself.
"Hello there, my name is Dawn. Thanks for stopping by my blog."
2. It's Wednesday during the afternoon, where are you usually?
Well, that depends on what part of the afternoon. Prior to 2pm, I can be found at either Walmart, Target, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, a scrapbook store, lunch with a friend or at home cleaning. At 2pm, I go pick Jayla up from school and 2 hours later, I pick up Markell.
3. What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
You're supposed to use detergent when you do the laundry? Who knew!! Actually, I use Tide Cold Water with Febreeze. Ummm, smells like spring.
4. What brand of shampoo is in your shower right now?
Some clear stuff by Suave and Cream of Nature.
5. Did you ever get into a bar and drink before you were 21?
Nope, sure didn't. Wasn't my style. Didn't drink then, don't drink now. Unless you count a Dr. Pepper every now and again.
6. What were you doing last night?
Probably what I'm doing now...sitting at my desk reading emails and blog updates. Oh, and probably chatting with someone on Yahoo IM. They don't call me a party animal fer nuthin!
7. Do you watch MTV anymore?
ANYMORE??? I'm just wondering when they're gonna drop the "M" and just call it TV. They don't play music videos on there anymore, do they?
8. What do you think about Oprah?
Nothing actually. I'm not a fan at all. Personally, I think she's too much of a people pleaser. She's SO interested in relating to her audience & guests that she puts across that she's been through any and everything. She's fake if you ask me. However, I did enjoy the role she played in The Color Purple.
9. What color are your bedsheets?
My goodness, what a question. You're not stopping by soon, are you? Today they are a tone on tone Sage color.
10. You need a new pair of jeans...what store do you go to first?
Where ever they have some big enough and cheap enough to fit me! I guess I'd have to say Lane Bryant. But I recently found some really nice fitting ones (both on me and on my wallet) at Kohls.
12. What kind of car do you drive?
A navy blue/grey Nissan Quest.'s a minivan..UGH!!! Fully equipped with TWO soccer ball magnets on the back, a folding chair, a soccer ball and cleats in the back.
13. Honestly, is that car insured?
Well DUH!!! Of course. SOMEBODY's got to replace those magnets in case of an accident. Are YOU in good hands?
14. Do you like sushi?
I don't even know who she is! My husband talks about her alot though. Ok, no...I don't like sushi.
15. Have you ever been to Tiffany & Co. or Saks 5th Ave.?
Can't say that I have. But I have been to my friend Tiffany's down the street. That's not the same thing, is it?
16. Did your parents spoil you?
Not hardly. I was an only child for 10 years and my "needs" were met, but I didn't always get what I wanted, if that's what you mean by spoiled. I was expected to do my chores and do well in school. When my sister came along, things changed a our mother! Enough about that :-).
17. Do you like roller coasters?
Yes, I do. Although I haven't been on one in YEARS!! Wonder if they're still fun....hmmmm.
18. What magazine(s) do you buy regularly or subscribe to?
Family Circle, Womans Day, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, Etc., Simple Scrapbooks, Memory Makers, Chadwicks of Boston, Jessica London and Brylane Homes. Reading IS fundamental you know!
19. Do you remember the WB show, "Popular"?
Guess they didn't put much thought into naming THAT show, huh? It obviously wasn't that popular...I've never heard of it.
20. When you go out do you prefer to go to dance club or to a bar?
Go out....hmmm, I've heard of people doing that.
21. College graduate?
Yes, thank you, I'd love one! OHHHH, am I a college graduate? Silly me. Uh, no! It was enough to get me out of high school. Reading IS still fundamental though...
22. Who do you think will be the next president?
VERY're not getting ME into this conversation!
23. Are you registered to vote?
NOTE: Ok, who numbered these questions? What happened to numbers 24, 25 & 26?
27. Do you like Carrie Underwood?
28. Been to "The Vegas"?
I assume you mean Las Vegas? Uh, no...I don't get out much.
29. How far away do you live from your parents?
1100 miles from my dad (NY), 300+ miles from my mom (AL), and 17 steps from my mother in law (downstairs)
30. Are you happy with your job?
Without a doubt! Being a SAHM is the hardest job I've ever had. But I wouldn't change it for the world.
#31...WHERE ARE YOU???
32. What did you get in the mail today?
American Express "you have been approved" application (if I've been approved, why do I have to fill out an application?) and junk.
33. How do you like your steak cooked?
34. Britney Spears...ready to have a nervous breakdown or just having fun?
Ok, now how do I say this nicely? Uhhh, WHO FREAKIN CARES??? Too harsh??
35. What do you usually order at Taco Bell?
I think nachos. Honestly, I haven't been to Taco Bell in EONS!!
36. Have you ever sat all the way thru Gone With The Wind?
Not on purpose!
37. Have you ever been to Mt. Rushmore?
No, but I'd love to go one day. Again, I don't get out much.
38. Is it just me, or was The Marine (w/ John Cena) a really horrible movie?
Uhhh, who's John Cena? What's The Marine?
39. Are surveys/lists like the cocaine of my space/blogs?
WHAT??? I enjoy doing lists and surveys, but not cocaine. And I don't know a thing about myspace. MY space IS my blog!
40. Where is your favorite place?
Where ever my family is, Destin, FL and in bed.
41. What is your favorite candle scent?
Fresh Linen.
42. Do you believe places can really be haunted?
Not really.
43. Do you smoke cigarettes?
Nope. But I "tried" one DAY when I was a senior in high school. Not my style.
44. Have you ever been to NYC or LA?
Yes. I was born in NYC. And if you mean Lower Atlanta...then yes, I've been there. :-) But if you mean Los Angeles, nope...never been there.
45. How many states have you been to where all you saw was the airport?
None that I can think of. Remember, I don't get out much.
46. Do you think 50 questions is enough?
Ha Ha!!! If there actually WERE 50, it may be a BIT over the top. But I can handle it. Keep 'em comin....
47. Are you currently planning a trip?
Actually, yes. DH and I are going to try and go to Savannah, Ga for an extended weekend together. I sure hope we can pull it off. We need some "couple" time.
48. Is Ryan Seacrest gay?
Tell ya what, hold on a second and let me call and ask him. WHO CARES!!!
49. Do you take anti-depressants?
Are you trying to tell me something???
50. Have you ever googled your name and found out something?
Actually, yes. The WORLD has access to my blog!

WHEW!!! I need a nap!


Leah said...

This was a great read!! You have some really cute answers! I may have to do these!

Gretchen said...

Of course, Dawn. I'd love to link. :)

Jude said...

My Bibbs... you are so cute! I was definitely with ya on some of those answers! And I did NOT know your MIL lived downstairs from you! I will have to ask Micah if he has any other good soccer magnets at work... did you know he was a magnet maker?

Dawn Bibbs said...

Leah - Thanks for the kind words. And I HIGHLY recommend that you do these too. It was fun.
Gretchen - You have been linked...and I see I have too. Technology! :-)
Jude - Yep, my MIL lives on the main level of our house. We turned our formal living room into a bedroom for her. The french doors we added are gorgeous. Micah is a magnet maker? How cool is THAT?? Anything soccer, I'm all over it, lol.

gold said...

That was some funny questions.You were funny.

Susie Q said...

You crack me up girl!!! You are a funny lady dear heart...and you love lists like I do ! : )

Love reading them amd your answers are so I am heading off to bed and doing so with a smile on my face!