Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One word....

Happy Wednesday everyone.

This morning, I was doing my usual blog reading and I came across a fun quiz on Cheryl's Blog. You just never know what you'll find there...she's always asking her readers to join in on something fun. And I must say, I love it. I really enjoy doing these little quizzes. She says that she has several she's gonna share over the next week or so....Can't WAIT!!!

Well, here's the one she posted today. The object is to see if you can answer all of these with just one word. As chatty as I am, this is gonna be interesting :-). Here goes:

1. Yourself? Overwhelmed
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Husband
3. Your hair? Frizzy
4. Your mother? Sweet
5. Your father? Silly
6. Your favorite thing? Love
7. Your dream last night? Strange
8. Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
9. Your dream car? Tahoe
10. The room you're in right now? Playroom
11. Your fear? Failure
12. What you want to be in 10 years? Thinner
13. Muffins? Thanks!
14. Who you hung out with last night? Family
15. What you're not? Organized
16. Time? MORE!
17. What you're wearing? Comfy
18. Your favorite weather? Warm
19. Your favorite book? Magazine
20. Last thing you ate? Sandwich
21. Your worst vice? Worry
22. Your best friend is? Honest
23. What you're thinking about right now? Scrapbooking
24. Your car? Dirty
25. Your life? Interesting

Whew, that was difficult. I tried really hard to just answer with one word. I did it!!! Alright now, it's ya'lls turn. Feel free to answer via comment or let me know to check your blog for your answers.

Have a great day!


Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE your answers!! It was hard, wasn't it?
I'm SO with you on the Dr. Pepper (although mine is Diet!) and the not-organized thing!!!!
Have a great (groovy!!!) day!!!

Jude said...

Hey hey girlie... I ALREADY took this quiz AND posted the answers on my blog... just for you!!!!!!!!!! :)

Leah said...

Great answers.. I like number 13.. Muffins..thanks! LOL