Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Flower Fix (on Thursday) & weekend plans

But first, a special word from our sponsor: I am SUCH a ding dong!!! Here I call myself being proactive and typing up this post LAST NIGHT. So that it would be available for you all to read this morning. And not until it is, 7:43pm...that I notice that I forgot to post it! ARGH!!! Sorry!!! Ok, now, back to our regularly scheduled post...(from YESTERDAY!) UGH!
Hey ya'll.

I know, I's not Friday yet. Well, you know that tomorrow I have an appt with Mr. "slave driver" Banks, lol. And I've also got a few errands to run in the morning. So I thought it would be best to post tonight and not make ya'll have to wait on me. I hear ya'll tapping your fingers on your tables when I'm late posting the flower fix...I HEAR YA!!!

SOOOO, with that being said, here's your fix:

Ok, by no means am I a cat person. But this picture is just cute, isn't it? (Those are cats, aren't they?) And wait, are those Christmas flowers? Oh, I dunno... they're pretty anyways. :-)

So, what have ya'll got planned for the weekend? I know you're gonna be shocked...we've got soccer :-). Well, we're supposed to anyway. The forecast calls for a 40% chance of scattered showers. Those kidders :-). Anyway, we'll see. I will say this though, if in fact Jayla DOES play on Saturday, I'm not looking forward to her 9a.m game. YES...I said, in the MORNING, a.m....sheesh!!! Ok, ok...I'll stop complaining. It's only the 2nd game of the season! (which more than likely, we'll have to make up). Anyhoo...I don't think we have anything else planned...I mean, what else is there if there's no soccer???

Speaking of soccer/sports...I'm gonna take after my friend, Cheryl here for a minute. And throw in a few questions for ya'll...sports related of course.

1. Did you play sports as a kid? If so, what did you play? Well, back "then" this wasn't really considered a sport. But nowadays it is...I was a cheerleader. STOP LAUGHING!!! I was! I cheered for the Midway Packers. And we wore an icky green and white checkered skirt, goldenrod bloomers, a long sleeve goldenrod shirt with a flyguy collar, golden rod kneesocks, a white vest with a big ole green & goldenrod "P" on the front AND the standard issue black & white saddle oxfords. (I'll have to see if I can find a picture for ya). Funny note about the cheerleading. I was the ONLY black on a squad of 12 cheerleaders...and the football team that we cheered for was all black...except for one guy...LOL. Oh, I also played volleyball for 1/2 a season in high school. My mom made me drop off the team because the shorts were too short...LOL.

2. If you did play sports, were you forced to play or did you actually want to play? At first I was forced by my mother. She said I was a little "plump" and needed to do something to stay active. But then, she got tired of taking me to practice twice a week and games on Saturdays. So that's when my "want" to cheer kicked in.

3. What sport did you always WANT to play or be involved in, but you couldn't/didn't, for one reason or another? Even though I was a cheerleader, I always wanted to be one in highschool. My "Packers" days were at a local recreation center. So whoever paid, "played". I tried out a couple times for the highschool squad, but I never made it. Probably for the best though, I never could get those jumps right :-).

Well, that's all I've got for today. I hope you have a chance to answer these questions. I'd love to see what your future could've know, besides a blogger :-). Ya'll have a great weekend.


Jude said...

OK, you must find a photo of you in that cheerleading outfit!! I had a stint in middle school as one too, and ours were heinous as well... made out of some woman's old wool curtains! I got kicked off the squad though... something about cussing the coach.(don't ask!!) and then I moved onto sports... soccer and field hockey. Loved them, miss them, wish I could still be playing them! We have a 9am game today too... I think I wll be staying home though, it poured here all day yesterday, and I am not wanting to haul my hugeness down to the muddy fields!! LOL.

Lynilu said...

Yes, let's see that uniform. It sounds just ... terribly interesting!!

My daughter was a cheerleader in high school, something I was rather disdainful of, and I told her that if her grades slipped she was out because she wouldn't go to college on cheerleading, but on academics. Boy, did I eat crow pie when the first scholarship offered her was a full-ride from the U of Hawaii!! She didn't take it because she didn't want to be that far from me.

After watching her train and perform, I will back you on it being a sport. Awesome skills involved in those routines from the day when she (and you) were in it. Now, I'm less impressed as most of them look like dance teams rather than the athletic squads of the "old days."