Friday, September 14, 2007

Tales of a Kindergartner

Hello all. I realize that I've already kinda done a post today. But I didn't know school pictures would be back today. :-) Would you just look at this little beauty?

She has been begging me since the first day of school to wear this little jumper to school. I kept telling her "NO!" because I knew I wanted her to wear it for picture day :-). And I'm glad I did. She looks SO cute. I'm sure I've told you before that this kid LOVES the camera. Just look at that proud grin.

I haven't given many updates on how kindergarten is going for Jayla, as there's not much to tell. The reason there's not much to tell is because she absolutely LOVES it. And that, to be honest, is an understatement. It's everything she can do not to jump out of the car in the mornings and run in the building. She's SO proud that she can walk ALL THE WAY to her class by herself like a big girl (I walked her to class the first week of school).

School lets out at 2:15 and I'm in the carpool line by 1:40 at the latest :-). I just HAVE to make sure I get the exact same spot every Jayla HAS to wave at me as she walks from the main building to the gym, which is where the car riders congregate until their names are called.

Friday's are hard for Jayla :-). As soon as she hops in the van on Fridays, she says, "So, mom, HOW many more days until I get to go back to school again?" And when I reply, "Only 2, honey." I hear this huge sigh from the backseat. She thinks that's too long to wait to get back to school. So I'm sure you've figured out by now that she was NOT feeling the long Labor Day weekend...LOL. Maybe I should go ahead and get her ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, huh? :-)

I am so glad that Jayla enjoys school so much. She has even asked me if I'd be "one of those moms" that comes to her class to visit sometimes. Can you believe it? She actually WANTS me at her school. So needless to say, I have signed up to be a volunteer in her class. Starting in October, I will volunteer in Jayla's class every Monday morning. I am also heading up the production of the classroom scrapbook. As well as being the class photographer. So that means, I get to go on more fieldtrips. Can't wait!!

I sure hope that Jayla continues to have a love for school and learning. Her teacher sends me emails every once in a while to tell me what a joy it is to have Jayla in her class. Jayla has a monopoly on the "green stars" in her class :-). If you get a green star, that means you had a GREAT day. Since school began last month, she has only had one "yellow" star...which means you had a GOOD day. Which is still pretty awesome in my book.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures I took of Jayla on picture day. You know, just in case the professional ones didn't come out well :-). Enjoy.
That's it for today...I hope :-). Thank you for your time and for reading about my sweet little pride & joy. If anything changes with regards to how she loves school...I'll let you know. :-) Have a great weekend!


Thomisia said...

It's great that your DD loves school and she looks adorable in her jumper.

Renee said...

Jayla looks like an angel in her little jumper. So glad she loves school.

Susie Q said...

I am tickled that she loves school so much! And oh my gosh is she cute! That school picture just radiates happiness! She is a doll, just like her MOmmy!

Hugs and love,

Jude said...

She looks so adorable in her jumper!! I am glad that she loves school... I think Lincoln likes the social aspect more than the work, but he is a boy!! LOL. Have fun with your job as the class photgrapher!!

Lynilu said...

As always, that girl is just adorable! Aren't you glad she enjoys school? I know you miss her during the day, but the fact that she is so well adjusted speaks well of your raising techniques. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I am sooo in love with these pics...but of course I'm mad that I can't click on all of them but only some of them!! LOL

She looks sooo here's the deal...when she can't fit that jumper anymore and when you're convinced you're not having any more children let me know and I'll come and pick it up myself!!!!!! LOL

And look at her pose in that last picture with her hands on her hips and everything!!! LOL

Brown English Muffin said...

oh yeah can one last when I come to get that jumper if I'm not a stay at home mom by then can you pull my dh to one side and talk to him...I sooo want to be class photographer!!!! LOL