Monday, September 17, 2007

Inspired to INSPIRED - Weekend recap

"An open home, an open grows a bountiful harvest."


Happy Monday everyone. Where did the weekend go?

Well, as I predicted, Jayla's soccer game got cancelled on Saturday due to the soggy fields.

Probably for the best though. I think she's getting over a little cold. When she got up on Saturday morning, she said she didn't feel much like playing in the game. So, not 5 minutes after we told her that it was alright if she didn't play, we got a recorded message from the head coach stating that the 9am game had been cancelled. However, all other games would begin an hour later than scheduled. When we told Jayla that her game had been cancelled, she got upset. Well, wait a minute...didn't you JUST tell us that you didn't want to play anyway? This little girl is too much. She proceeds to tell us that, even though SHE didn't feel like playing, she still wanted to "support" her teammates.

Well, we all know what that we're gonna have a make up game; probably on a Friday evening. Oh well, that's the nature of the soccer beast.

The Stingrays had their game as scheduled. And the weather was GORGEOUS! It was probably in the high 70's and there was a wonderful breeze blowing. Still warm enough to wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt. PERFECT soccer playing weather.

Ok, the parents thought it was perfect soccer playing weather...probably because we didn't have to play. The boys, on the other hand, weren't quite as convinced. They didn't play near as well as they did last weekend. We lost 5 - 2. Could be because they were only able to practice one day last week. I dunno...I'm just trying to find them an excuse. But I'm sure no excuse will do, because my husband...their coach, is gonna run them like crazy at practice tonight. Poor Stingrays!

Alright, that's all I've got with regards to my weekend. However, I do have a question for you guys. I realize that most of my readers are this is for you.

Is it just me or are car dealerships/repair shops STILL in the business of trying to get over on women? YES...I am still having issues with my van. And YES, the "guys" at the dealership still think I'm making stuff up. Remember a month or so ago I had about $2300 worth of work done? Well, like you, I thought that was gonna be it. But Nooooo, my hubby had to take the van to get some MORE work done on it this past Friday. To the toon of $650!!! Ok, I won't go into any details here. But I will say this, I plan to write Mr. Nissan a nice little nasty letter. Which leads me to my next questions...Do you guys write to a company when you're not satisfied with their service? If so, what do you expect to be done to satisfy you? When you write to a company, how much info do you or should you give, to get your point accross?

ARGH!!! Now I'm ticked off again. More on this later...once I get my thoughts together...


icanseeclearlynow said...

$2300 worth of work and more money on top? i can NOT picture that. i used to be a letter writer in my first life. i don't recall it doing me much good.

i totally agree: mechanics see women as cash cows. i suggest you find a new mechanic. good luck!


Jude said...

I think the dealerships are trying to take anybody, male or female! We had an estimate from them on our Jeep, and it was $2000! HUH? So, I took it to the small country repair shop near our house, told him about the funny noise I heard. He IMMEDIATELY had one of his guys jump in and drive the jeep and knew what was wrong. He told me what they could fix cheaper than the dealer, but what would be more because of the dealer mark up on parts. Long story short, we went through that dealers estimate and picked the two major things the other guy couldn't do. They were NOT happy when we wouldn't let them fix it all, and I was not happy when I realized part of the estimate was $45 PER windsheild wiper. So, that is my dealer opinion. I know they are not all like this, but wowee... (The other guys fixed all the other stuff for $250! saved us over $800!!)

patti_cake said...

I definitely think car dealers and mechanics take advantage of women. You should write a letter to Nissan. Be clear, concise and give as much info as you can. If possible find out the company president's name and send it directly to him so that he has to sign for it. Believe me you'll get some sort of response. I just got $180 back from a credit protection agency that had ripped of hundreds of people because I sent a letter directly to the company president and the money was back in my bank account within a week. Good luck Dawn!
Go Stingrays!

Lynilu said...

You go after 'em, girl!! It is going to take a lot of us standing up for our rights and expressing our intelligence before the jerks of this kind will get it. Don't back off!! Do it for the sisterhood!!

Alice said...

Last time we bought a new car, a salesman greeted my husband and shook his hand. He didn't even look in my direction. I have to wonder if the guy really thought we'd buy a car from him after that. I did call and complain to the sales manager. Of course he fell all over himself apologizing and promised a super deal. But, nope, we went some place else.

Good luck with your car. You'd think with all the computerized troubleshooting equipment they have that they'd know right away what's wrong. Unfortunately, it never quite works that way.

Cheryl Wray said...

Don't get me started on car places and mechanics! I feel like a very intelligent, put-together woman but I can walk into any sort of car-related business and they make me feel like the biggest IDIOT!! I can usually call Gary in tears after talking to Bubba M. Echanic, even though there's NO reason I should feel that way! UGH!!!

Sorry the Stingrays lost!!!

And I HATE makeup games. It just screws up your schedule too much!!!

Gretchen said...

Sorry to hear about your car troubles. It seems like the sooner we pay them off, the sooner they have issues. Either that, or once the warranties expire, the car basically expires.

Hang tough.

Glad you had a bit of a soccer break, and yet still enjoyed some.

gold said...

Yes dealers try to get over on women and old people!!I was in a dealer and this old lady came in for an oil change.The man comes back in about 30mins later and start telling this poor old lady about all these things that is wrong with her car.After he tells her it would add up to 650.00$.The lady was scare that if she didn't get this done something would happen to her car while she was driving.The man says to her I am not trying to take your money these things need to done.After the man left my dear old mother went up to the lady and said there is nothing wrong with your car , he is just trying to make money off of you.The lady said thanks you!!She didn't get the work done!!