Friday, December 21, 2007

More Christmas goings on & a Fix!

Happy Friday everyone.

Wait, it IS Friday, isn't it? Man, this week has been a HUmongous blur!!! I can't quite figure out when I'm coming or going these days. I'll just blame that on...uh, old age...yeah, that's what it is! :-)

Let's see, what have I been up to this week?

Monday was my 19th anniversary. And I think I did a post on that. So I won't bore you with what else may have happened that day/evening...tee hee.
Tuesday, hmmm, I'm not sure what I did that day. But if I remember, I'll come back an add it. (Update: still, I got nothin! HAHAHA. Oh wait, I went to the grocery store...THAT's what I did.) Wednesday I took my MIL to have her monthly bloodwork done. It's so cool to get to the doctors office that we go to, get moms bloodwork done and be walking back in the house in less than 20 minutes! Talk about convenience. Then I had to go back to the grocery store to grab a few things for mom.
Thursday I helped with the Christmas breakfast in Jayla's class. Several of the kids were dressed up in cute holiday outfits...they looked so sweet. And they all wore some reindeer antlers that they decorated. Here's Jayla in hers.
I think most of the school had their parties that day so parking was KA-razy! But not to worry, I worked it out :-)

(YES, without being towed!)

It was so nice to see so many parents there. I think everyone had a really nice time. And those kids had some good eats too. Along with having syrup, whipped cream, cherries & chocolate chips to go on pancakes that one of the dads was flipping, we also had bacon, fruit, cheese, juice and donnut holes. Talk about yummy!!! The kids had such a great time decorating their pancakes. As a matter of fact, here's what one of them looked like......

Isn't that the cutest little thing?

Oh, and guess what my Jayla had to eat for breakfast? OH NO...she wouldn't have any parts of the wonderful spread we provided! OH NO..."SHE" had to have something special. The girl had Macaroni & Cheese!!! C' eat that EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast at home...can't you try something different for a change? NOPE!!! So I had to take one of those little bowls of Kraft Mac & Cheese that you add water to (insert rolling eyes). Thank goodness there's a microwave in her class. Sheese!!! :-D Well, at least the girl ate, right? Oh and let's not forget...her handful of chocolate chips!

The kids made their parents gifts too. But we can't open them until Christmas Day. So I'll get back with you on that :-). The kids had their cute little tree up and all decorated......
Even the teachers had fun games like Christmas Musical Chairs and SANTA Bingo, planned for the kids after they ate. I think a great time was had by everyone.

Then after I left the school, I had a few more errands to the rain.

Today, I had yet even more running around to do. My BIL asked me if I'd pick up a couple things for Jayla from him for Christmas. So I did that today. Along with driving across the county to meet with my mother and aunt who came in town...literally for an hour. They came to pick up my sister and Markell, as they are spending Christmas with my mom. So I met up with them to exchange gifts. And man, let me tell you...the traffic was HORRENDOUS!!! I left home this morning at 10:30 or so and didn't get back until a little after 4pm! I am tiRED!!!

Ok, ok, enough about my week. How bout a Flower Fix? I tell ya, you guys are so patient! :-) So, without further's your Friday Flower Fix.
Alright, as pretty as this is...I'm confused. Is a Poinsettia a flower or a plant? I dunno. But's a flower :-).

I actually have more to post...but as I mentioned...I'm tiRED!!! So, I'll do the other part tomorrow. From what I understand, as long as it's done BEFORE Christmas, I'm good, lol. So with that, ya'll have a wonderful evening and I'll holla atcha tomorrow. Toodles!!

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DMB said...

I gotta respect a kid that dares to have mac and cheese for breakfast--and is adamant about it! Hellz yeah!

I personally am not a fan of so-called 'breakfast food' and I actually eat 'dinner food' for my breakfast. My current fave on heavy rotation is Japanese Udon--a delicious dish of soft noodles and beef and spinach!