Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morning with Mom

Hello everyone. How's it goin?

I am sort of at a stopping point with the Kindergarten scrapbooks. So I thought I'd jump on the computer right quick and share a few things with you.

This has been a semi-busy week for me. But I must say, life is grand. I mean, I'm ripping and running all the time. But I'm just having a ball.

Let's see, on Monday, I went to visit my sweet friend Jacki. She recently had surgery, so I stopped in to check on her. We had a really nice visit and I even got to meet her mom and see The Card Castle :-). And what a Castle it is too. I'm already thinking, that the next time I go over there (which will be, I'm gonna have to take a shopping cart with me. That lady has TONS of stuff in that wonder I can never find the stamps I want, hee hee. So I'm pretty sure she won't miss a few things, lol. I'm just kidding. But I would love for her to "show me around" the room, as I was just in awe trying to look at everything by myself.

On Tuesday, I just ran errands and took my MIL to have her monthly bloodwork done.

Now WEDNESDAY, has been the most fun thus far. (Note: you may remember my post from a few weeks ago, they had Dining with Dad at Jayla's school, in honor of Father's Day. Well, this is the Mother's Day version.) Wednesday morning at Jayla's school, I was invited to attend........This is the cute little invitation that the kids made for their moms. On the inside, along with the time that the event will take place, it reads: I love you little. I love you lots. I love you enough to fill 10 pots, 14 buckets, 16 cans, 5 washpots and 6 dishpans.

I must say, I just love Jayla's teacher. It's gonna be very difficult to move on to another teacher for 1st grade. She makes learning so fun for the kids and the projects that they do are so cute. Sometimes, the kids are "learning" without actually knowing it :-).

Here are a few more of the special things Jayla made for me for Wednesday.

This first item is the little write up she did about me. Hopefully, you'll be able to click on it to see it a little closer. But if you can't, this is what is says (her written responses are in pink)

My mom has brown eyes and black hair. She is 7 feet tall and weighs 60 pounds. My mom likes to wrkat (work out). My mom is prettiest when she gos to the store. I like when she cooks fish. I don't like when she cooks colefarr (cauliflower). She likes me to help her cu dinr (cook dinner). I love my mom very much and I know she loves me too. Jayla.

I just love the perspective that kids have. I especially thought it was funny that she "thinks" that I actually like for her to help me cook dinner, LOL.

This is a cute little flower pot, pen and note pad they made for us. Jayla says she painted mine purple so that it would match my studio. What a sweetheart.
Now this project was simply adorable. The kids made a recipe book of their most favorite thing that their mom makes.
Jayla obviously likes my brownies :-). Again, it's so cute to see the childs perspective on things. As the teacher wrote on the first page of the recipe book, "Remember mom, this recipe is told the way I (Jayla) see it."

The kids decorated a picture frame for us and the teacher helped them "piece" together a little scene of the child with their mom. Isn't it cute? You see, Jayla also added a picture of Trae.

Now here is the picture that was taken of me and Jayla before we ate breakfast. Don't you just love the "Suthin Belle" bonnet she made for me? LOL

To end the "Morning with Mom", the kids went up on stage, one by one and said one thing that they love about their moms. They stood behind a little hand puppet stage with a puppet they made of themselves. They spoke (loudly) into the microphone and announced what they love about mom. Talk about sweet. Jayla said, she loved when I take her to the toy store. (hmmm, wonder when was the last time I did THAT? lol)

Lastly, the kids had Spring pictures taken back before Spring Break. And we got them back on Wednesday. Here's Jayla's. Is this not the cutest thing?? I just LOVE it. It almost doesn't even look like a school picture. Of course I couldn't decide what I wanted to buy out of the package they sent home. So I bought the entire thing! WHAT?? Look at her!! LOL

Well, that's about all I've got for now. Jayla's teacher sent home more stuff today, for me to add to the scrapbooks. So, I'd better get back to it. I'll catch up with you guys a little later. But until then, don't forget...Be Inspired!!


Cheryl Wray said...

Awww...this is just the SWEETEST post!!!! I have such fond memories of McKenna and Delaney in kindergarten; they always did the cutest things too! (Another year and Sydney will be doing it again. Fun!)

SO glad to have you back in Blogworld. It seems like it's been FOREVER!!!!!!

Take care and have a great day!!

Babydoll said...

Wonderful projects!! I wish my daughter's school did more creative things. I just love the recipe book and the write up she did about you. Great school picture too!

Leah said...

Those projects of hers are too sweet!! Love them all!

Jude said...

That is bringing tears to my eyes!! She is so cute and sweet. :) And, could I get her to fill our my weight next time I need it on a form or something??? ROFLOL!

Greg said...

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Lynilu said...

Wow, Dawn! Look at that post just above mine!!!

This is a sweet post, but then, most of your posts about this child are like that! I love reading about her perception of the world. She is such a sweetheart.

You've been missed, but this little "Dawn fix" will hold me a bit longer till you are freed from the clutches of the little memory books! What a cool mom you are to do that for the kids. I'm sure there are some moms who wouldn't/couldn't do it even for just their own, so you've given them memories for a life time.


Patti said...

Awwwww what a sweet and touching post! I love it!

I cringe when I think of what Madison might write about me! LOL

Susie Q said...

This was just the best post dear Dawn!
The sweet crafts are already taking a back seat to other school work and I miss it already!
I have missed you so much dear heart. Your cheery posts and comments brighten my day!

How pretty Jayla is...just like her Mommy!


Keianna said...

Oh this looks like such a precious event. So awesome that you ahve these memories. And yes, the hat is so fashionable :-)

Brown English Muffin said...

I would have bought the whole darn package too...she's cute as a button...oh I love her write up about you...I especially love how she wrote cauliflower!

Lynilu said...

OK, now ... silence too long, silence too long!! Come back!!! I miss you!!

Muriel said...

That looks like a good mother-dauighter day. Everything looks so nice. Love the bonnet!