Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back by (semi) popular demand!

Hello everyone out there in blogland. How are you all?

Alright, I'm not gonna bore you with this post by telling you how busy I've been, all the errands I've been running or how I'm just about ready to toss in the towel with the scrapbooks! NOPE...not gonna do it. Although, that IS all I've been doing lately...running errands, doing housework (that has been neglected due to the scrapbooks) and...working on the scrapbooks :-).

And in between those fun tasks, I even squeezed in a 2 day soccer tournament (don't ask!), another day visiting Jacki and Jayla's field day at school. Now, THAT was fun. But let me just say, that the field days of old are no longer. These days, it's all about the fun and EVERYONE wins. One of the events was really...ahem, interesting. The kids got to draw eachother in the back parking lot with sidewalk chalk. It was too funny! By the time they were all done, the schoolyard looked like a giant crime scene, LOL. Only thing missing with that yellow tape. Hmmm, maybe they'll all be forensic scientists, lol.

Here's a few shots of Jayla:

Just look at that form! :-) This was her favorite stop on the field day circuit. What can I say? The girls' got skills! :-)

She was really good at this one too, actually :-). She called it "Hockey-Golf", LOL.

Here's Jayla being traced for the 2nd time by one of the assistant teachers. Can you tell, Jayla didn't like her head being on the ground? THAT's MY GIRL!!! :-)

And here's the first rendition of Jayla. LORD, I hope this is the LAST time I'll ever have to see my daughter in a chalk outline.

Last but not least, we had soccer pictures done a few weeks ago. And OF COURSE, Jayla's came out great. Check her out....

I'm sorry, but this has got to be the cutest little 6 year old! Ok, I'm not sorry...but she is a cutie pie :-). I'll have another picture from this day to share with you soon. I'm waiting on it to be shipped to us. Stay tuned!

Alrighty folks, that's a wrap for today. Mister M. is working from home today. So I've gotta go fix him something to eat. Sheesh, talk about disturbing my daily groove, LOL. TOODLES!!!


Leah said...

she is definitely miss.photogenic! :)
Hope you get done with those books soon!

Lynilu said...

Yes, she IS cute! That is so funny about her not putting her head on the ground!! Are you sure she is only 6? They don't usually get that touchy until they're a bit older! Tell her to stop being too old for her age!

Well, I'm glad to hear from you and to know that all is well. But hurry up and get back into your normal routine!! The Blog-routine, of course! :)

Patti said...

Good to hear from you Dawn. I knew you'd been busy!
LOL @ Jayla not wanting to put her head on the ground. I wouldn't have either! (I wouldn't even want to lay on the ground at all!)

Susie Q said...

She is a beauty...just like her Mommy!
I love reading about all of your adventures...but I have really MISSED you!

And just where is Dawn's Friday Flower Fix? Hmmm???

I posted all of those flowers photos with YOU in mind. I hope you saw them!

Love ya,

Cheryl Wray said...

I have been MISSING you!!! You have got to post MORE OFTEN!!! LOL

I LOVE the shots of Jayla. She is so cute.... but, of course, you knew that!! :-)

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!!!

gold said...

Yes she is the cutest little 6 year old!!:)It is soccer season already?

Jude said...

She is so cute, and the field day sounds... um, interesting to say the least!! LOL.

Lynilu said...

OK, enough already. Get those books done and get back to your job ... entertaining us!!!

Babydoll said...

Love the chalk drawing and the cute picture!

Brown English Muffin said...

hockey golf! funny!