Friday, May 23, 2008


Well hello there! Happy Friday everyone.


It's me...DAWN! Don't you remember?

Sheesh, you take a few weeks off from blogging and no one remembers you, lol.

Ok, that's not entirely true. Which leads me to one of the most important part of this post...the THANK YOU's! Thank you to all of you who have either left me comments, emailed or called to check on me...I thank you! Talk about a crazy last few weeks. WHEW!!!

Let's dive in, shall we?

~I think my last post was an "Ode to Mothers/Women everywhere, right? Well, I had a nice Mother's Day...sitting on the soccer fields. Isn't that what EVERY mother did? :) Really, it was fun though...the weather left a little to be desired. But fun nonetheless. Our U14 Stingrays won that tournament (YAY!!), which sent them to the State Championships last weekend in Columbus, Ga. The boys played great. We won 1 of the 3 games we played. But they played their little hearts out.

~Speaking of the State Championship...Oh my GOODNESS!!! We played this one team on Sunday morning and the parents/fans were some of the most OBnoxious group of people I have EVER seen! Before I go any further, let me just say that I have absolutely NO issues with people cheering for/supporting their team. I can cheer/scream/yell with the best of them! I mean c'mon...think about it...I don't even have anyone ON the team anymore and I still cheer and have fun on the sidelines. HOWEVER, when your cheering/supporting becomes personal, THAT is where the line should be drawn. After seeing how these people acted last weekend, I can understand how someone can get into a fight or even worse, shot/killed at youth sporting events...hence the videos and pictures that make for great TV watching...Most Amazing Videos :). But this group of people started off really nice. They spoke to us that morning and even made small talk before the game. But once that ball was was ON!!! These people were yelling AT us, taunting us, calling us and the boys on our team names. They had made up "cheers" talking about how we were losers and that we were gonna get killed. Even at times when one of our boys may have been hurt on the field, they were making fun of them and making "whining" noises. Man, it was crazy. So much so that Jayla was scared to tears because of how these people were acting out. She'd ask me, "Why do some people have to be so mean?" What do you say to a 6 year old when they ask you that? It was pathetic. Unfortunately, we lost that game (3-1). BUT, WE were the only team to score on this team the entire tournament. So that in itself was quite an accomplishment. Once we got home, I wound up emailing the commisioner of that team to let them know how their club was being represented at the tournaments. Surprisingly enough, he responded and said he'd be addressing that my email was not the first he'd heard about this group of people.

~As most of you know, I don't get out much, lol. But I did get out last weekend to go see a movie. Me and my Girls Night crew went and saw this. It was really cute. You know, your basic chick flick :-). But very cute. As I mentioned, I don't get out much, especially to the movies. So when Stacey and I got to the theatre, our other friends hadn't arrived yet. So, we walked right up to the window to pay for our tickets. (it was a Sunday evening, so there was no line) When the lady told me how much the ticket was ($8.75), I told her, "Oh, I'm sorry...I'm not paying for her too!" (referring to Stacey). The girl just gave me this weird "I don't get it" look. Stacey and I, on the other hand, found it funny, lol. I was like, "$8.75 for ONE person?!?" DAWG!!! Anyway, I got over that "sticker shock" only to be shocked further at the concession stand. (Note to self: IF I ever go to the movies again, stop at the store for snacks first. Right! Got it!). Ok, first of all...why does ONE person need a drink that comes in a cup that's the size of a bathroom trashcan? WHY? Secondly, why do I have to fill out a loan application to pay for said beverage? $4 for a SODA! Are you KIDDING ME??? I can buy 2 cases of Dr. Pepper for $5! Oh...and that's another thing...they didn't even HAVE Dr. Pepper! What is this world coming to? $15 in refreshments and a breathing treatment later, our other friends showed up and we went to enjoy the movie. (another note to self...IF I ever go to the movies again, I should buy a little bit smaller sized drink. 2 1/2 hours is a LONG to have to wait to go pee. I'm just sayin...)

~Last week, Jayla's class had a shopping day at school. It was so cute. Each kindergarten class was set up like some sort of store. There was a jewelry/accessories shop, a book store, a toy store, a sweets shop, an art studio, a place to exercise & get massages and a movie theatre. The kids were given a bag of money (pennies) and were allowed to wander freely through the halls of the "school mall". They had an hour to spend all of their money however they wanted. Jayla LOVES to shop, so this was right up her alley. I wasn't too pleased by all the CRAP she brought home...but they had a good time. :-)

This 2nd picture is of Jayla using some of her money in the "exercise/massage" shop. You know, a lady has to keep physically fit for a day of shopping :).

~Guess what? The scrapbooks are DONE!!! Talk about a long and daunting task. SHEESH!!! I must say though, they came out really cute. I took pictures of Jayla's book (30+ pages), but needless to say, I'm not posting them yet. Being that there's so many of them, I still need to get them onto a slide show. So if you're interested, stay tuned for that one. Also, I've gotta figure out how to "blur" some faces. Don't want any lawsuits over a kindergarten scrapbook, lol. Speaking of the books, I distributed them to the class yesterday at their EOY celebration. Alright, how crazy is THIS...I was SOOOO nervous earlier in the week about these darn books, I didn't know what to do. I was so nervous about how they'd like them. C'mon Dawn...they're 5 and 6 year olds, for goodness sakes! I'm psycho...that's just all their is to it! But the kids, their parents and the teachers LOVED them. They were a huge hit. WHEW...what a load off! For the EOY celebration, the kids made ice cream sundaes and watched a short movie that was made from some of the pictures I took. They're so cute!

~I'm sad to announce that today, Friday, May 23rd, is the last day of school (sniff, sniff). Jayla looked SO STINKIN sweet today...just like a big girl.

She's also a little sad about it being her last day of kindergarten. But still very excited. I'm planning on going up to the school today to do all my farewells (sniff, sniff, sniff).

~Well, I think I've covered everything. Considering how long this post is, I'm sure you're all hoping I'm done ;). Sue's been a long time and I had a lot to share, lol. Last but not least, how bout we end this post with a flower fix? It IS Friday after all.I hope you guys have had a wonderful week. I'm glad to be back blogging again. However, due to the fact that school is now out, I'm sure I'll be spending a bunch of time entertaining Jayla. But I won't let that keep me from my blogging duties. So with that, I'll be seeing ya! Have an awesome weekend and BE INSPIRED!!!


Leah said...

I'm so glad the books were a hit!! Jayla looks so grown up in her dress!
Enjoy your weekend!

Lynilu said...

Oh my goodness! Wait, let me catch my breath!! gasp, gasp... YOU'RE BACK!! :D

Kids athletics worry me. I'm allowed to worry .... I'm a gramma! I think they are alright if (1) we adults remember the physical and cognitive limitations of each age group, (2) remember that it should be fun for the kids so they learn to be good (sports)citizens in all aspects of their lives, and (3) all adults behave as if they actually understood the first two points!! Yeah, that stuff was totally out of line, and I'm glad you reported it. Think of what bullies are being created of those children! Shame, shame on those parents.

Movies - I agree with you. I'm lucky because I'm a "senior," so I get a slightly reduced price. Next time, try to go at the "early bird" or "matinee" showing; it would save you at least $1. The theaters don't like you to bring in your own goodies, but I do it anyway. Aren't big purses the greatest? Yeah, theater foods are ridiculously priced. I bought a small drink and small popcorn for $3.50 recently, and I thought that was not bad. I knew the actual cost of those was far less than $1, but I couldn't sneak those in!

And Jayla, as always, just looks so sweet in those pictures. Tell her I said so, and give her a hug from me, OK? And she can give you one from me, too. Happy summer to you both! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

First off 8.75 is really really cheap!!!

Secondly what did Jayla Bear buy at said store...the stuff you called crap!! Does she read your blog?

Thirdly where did the time go how in the world is she done with her first year already...can you please stop her from growing up.

Lastly your dad is on my mind I know I still owe him a visit.

Oh and very lastly that dress Jayla has on is beautiful and she looks beautiful and you took a beautiful picture.

Oh and really really lastly...did your mother teach you to hide a bottle of water and some dollar snacks from the store when you go to the movie theater!!! ROFLOL!

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh yeah the drive in movie theater that we go to you can see TWO movies for $7!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lovely children. im in atl. Just a hello, do check me out one day when u can rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, please comment and fell free to
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Adrienne said...

You are back! YAY! LOL Love your new banner!

Becoming Me said...

Just stopped by today and wanted to say hello. Cute pictures and blogs

Veroncia said...

Aww, J was a little choked up with her sweet little self, huh? I told Ava that this couple of months will fly by so fast. She has got a lot going on with church summer camp, recital, her b-day, swimming, and martial arts. Is J doing anything special activity this summer?

Monogram Queen said...

Looks like your back in the swing of blogging again Dawn. Great job!

I love the idea of a school mall! Love it! Jayla is SO PRETTY!

The other team, stuff like that just really gets my knickers in a twist. People should DEFINITELY set an example for their children and not a bad one either. Just chalk that up to a lesson thta Jayla learned in how NOT to act.