Friday, July 18, 2008

Are ya ready for some FLOWERS??? (Part 3)

Welcome back...let's move on, there's more to see.

Ok, is it just me or are these the biggest lilly pads on the planet? Never in my LIFE, have I seen anything like this. Man, I need to get out more! I was just awed by the size of these things. Can you imagine the frog that live on THESE pads? LOL

I think these are Quails. Well, whatever they are, they were so cute. The mother...uh, bird, would stand in the middle of the walk-way and let her babies run back and forth.

Alright, here's another first for me. I can't even describe to you how large these palm leaves are. I was standing directly under the leaf shown right above this narrative. I couldn't even get the entire thing in the screen on my camera. It was amazing!

Just plain beautiful...and so are the Orchids :-).

For the next few months at The Gardens, they are having what's called, "Sculptures in Motion". So throughout the Gardens, you will see sculptures amongst the beautiful plants and flowers. You've seen some of them in a few of my shots. The one pictured above was pretty cool. These balls were on a marble slab. And if you clapped or sang, they would start to move around. And when it became quiet...they'd stop whereever they were on the slab. It was amazing. Jayla really loved this.

This little guy, along with a few others, were found on the side of the road. So someone picked them up and "donated" them to The Gardens.

Here's another one of the sculptures in motion.

This has got to be one of my favorite shots of the day. I absolutely LOVE this picture. The Orchids that were on display are simply breathtaking. I love everything about this shot. This is the one that called for the pat on the back :-).

Isn't this cute? Mom hates having her picture taken. So I had to be sneaky. I turned around and she was smelling the flowers. I asked her if they had a smell. And as she bent back down to smell them again, I snapped the picture. Too bad it's a little blurry. But the moment was captured.

Well my friends, that's about it. Did you enjoy that? Talk about a Friday Flower Fix!! Wow, I feel like I've just walked through The Gardens again...I'm exhausted, lol.

I hope you guys have a great weekend...can't wait to hear about it. Be Inspired...I AM!!

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