Monday, July 28, 2008


Happy Monday everyone!

So, how was your weekend?

I must admit, I spent most of my Saturday sulking. I'll "woman up" and just tell you, I was sad that I wasn't able to join Mister M and Jayla at Six Flags. I'm no I'm just keeping it real, LOL. Had this not been Jayla's first time going to Six Flags, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. But I want to be involved and/or witness all of her childhood FIRSTS. However, I did come to the realization that she spends just about every day with me. And I DO get to go on her school fieldtrips and stuff like that. So I got over it.

I hope I don't sound selfish. I just felt like I was missing out on something fun with her. But it sounds like Jayla and her daddy had a great day of bonding (that's Jayla's new word these days...bonding), lol. Mister M. doesn't get to spend as much one-on-one time with our little girl as I do. So I was happy for them.

When they were about to leave, Jayla said, "Well mom, me and dad are about to go. So you and Trae can have some, uh, momma/dog bonding time!" Well, gee THANKS!!! Somehow, that didn't help how I was feeling :-).

Anyway, it was a nice, quiet day. I took my MIL to the grocery store (2 of 'em), I took a nap (tried to anyway), and I did a little scrapbooking. So the day wasn't a total sulk fest :-).

Here's a fun picture that Mister M purchased at the park.

This is, of course, Mister M. and Jayla. And also his/our nephew, Derron and his 2 daughters, Madesan and Haidyn.
Isn't this a fun picture? They were on the Log Jamboree ride. Not sure how Jayla wound up in the front...where she can get SOAKING wet. Hmm, guess I just answered my own question, huh? :-) Kinda looks like daddy is enjoying it too, doesn't it?

I love pictures like this. Mister M. did a great job getting this shot. Jayla is holding her cousin, Madesan's hand. She and Madesan share a birthday and are exactly one year apart. And Haidyn, the cutie in the yellow, just turned 6 in June.

How bout a picture with some Super Hero's? Aren't they supposed to be saving the planet or something? :-)

Oh, guess what? My LITTLE 6 year old rode this THREE times!!! I couldn't believe it. Everytime we see a roller coaster on TV or something, she always talks about how scary they are. And how she'd NEVER ride one. Yeah, whatever! :-).

When they got home that evening, Daddy came in carrying Jayla. The girl was EXHAUSTED! (so was daddy) He was also carrying a GIANT Bugs Bunny bouncing know the kind you sit on and hop around? Some lady just gave that to Jayla because she thought she was cute, lol. And daddy was also carrying a cute stuffed killer whale (like the one my nephew is carrying in the picture above, of the girls walking). I hear Jayla won that playing some game.

Anyway, that's about it for Jayla's first trip to Six Flags. Maybe next time mommy will get to tag along :-).

Lastly, I have to show you guys one more thing. At our house, you KNOW that summer break is almost over and school is about to start. How, you ask? Well, it's time for to relax the ole hair. I got mine done last week. And today, I did Jayla's. She HATES when it's time to do her hair. But she simply LOVES it once it's done. Check her out...
She looks like such a big girl! I'm glad to say that it didn't take as long today. I guess she's getting use to the whole process. And due to her being such a good "client", I used the flat iron and the curling iron and gave her a cute "little/big girl" style. She's a mess! All she keeps saying is, "I LOOOVVE it!!"

Alright my friends, that's a wrap for me today. I'm on a scrapbooking roll these days (more on that later).

Oh wait...I just thought of something funny I forgot to tell you. Last night, after Jayla went to bed, Mister M. went into Jayla's room to turn her radio down. He stood at the foot of her bed and just looked at here for a moment. He was thinking that she was pretending to be asleep. Come to find out, he was right :-). She opened her eyes and said, "Dad, I wish I had a Sleep Number bed!" WHAT? Where did THAT come from? LOL Then, she proceeds to grab the old Palm Pilot that I gave her, off her nightstand. She pretends to press in some numbers, saying that she was putting in her Sleep Number code.

Gotta love the kids imagination.

Ya'll have a great week!


Gretchen said...

Dawn, she's such a cutie. I'm sorry you missed out on the first trip to 6 Flags, but it sounds like your day didn't end up as bad as you thought it might. Jayla is such a stitch! Very cute hair, too. ;)

Diane said...

You KNOW I think that girl is such a mess. But I love that little mess. :) The pictures were great. Tell Mr. M he did a good job. :) Thanks for sharing the story. Miss Jayla's hair is beautiful.

Lynilu said...

I'm glad Jayla and Mr. M had a bonding day. And I'm glad Jayla understands the importance of bonding. After all, someone's gotta tell dad about it!!! LOL!!

Monogram Queen said...

Yes I understand your feelings but Daddy has to have his time too! Glad a good time was had by all.

jacki jones said...

I love your Jayla stories. She's a trip. I'm glad you made it thru the day without your girl.

Cheryl Wray said...

The sleep number bed comment is TOO funny!!!!!

I think it's great that she and M got to spend some one-on-one time together. To be honest, missing out on a theme park is not the worst thing that could happen to me. I'm glad when someone else offers to do that for me. :-) But I still know what you mean about not wanting to miss all of those "first" things.

Have a great day!!

LuvJones said...

How cute!!!! Looks like they had a blast! question to you is, did you and the dog have fun bonding?? LOL! Gotta love kids and what comes out their mouths!!!

TanishaRenee said...

Daddy/daughter day sounds like it was a blast! Jayla is too cute- a sleep number bed? haha she's like Donovan, they pay too much attention to commercials!

her hair is adorable btw

renee said...

Glad Jayla and her daddy had a great time at Six Flags. Hopefully you can tag along next time.

Babydoll said...

AWWWWWW...poor you!! At least she had fun! :) Just looking at those last two pictures, she is really growing fast!! Tell her to slow down!! :) Great pictures.

Jude said...

oh my word, a sleep number bed... too funny! She looks great and so does her hair! You did a wonderful job! :)

Susie Q said...

Great pictures of a wonderful family. I am sorry you missed this but Daddy needs that *bonding* too! Grace is all about that too!

She is growing up...they all do don't they? *sigh* Jayla is a doll and so smart and sweet. Just like her Mommy!