Friday, July 18, 2008

Are ya ready for some FLOWERS???

...spoken to the tune of the infamous Monday Night Football song :-D!

(NOTE: a photo overload will follow this short introduction) people...what's been happenin?? I'm not gonna do much talking to you today as this post PROMISES to be chock FULL of floral beautifulness!! Why, you ask? Yesterday, Jayla, my MIL and myself went on an excursion to The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Talk about facinating! I have lived in Georgia since...uhh, lemme think; since 1973. And until yesterday, July 17, 2008, I have never been to the gardens.

I just don't even know where to begin. However, I will say that I think I started a new love affair with my camera. I still want to get a new one. But yesterday, the ole Kodak EasyShare Z740 made me proud, lol. I've come to the conclusion that I take better pictures of subjects that don't breathe. I mean seriously...I tend to miss that perfect shot/pose 90% of the time. Talk about frustrating.

But yesterday, I had to give myself a pat on the back.

And now, without further ado, your special edition of the Friday Flower Fix. I present to you, the amazing beauty of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens....ENJOY!!
These first 9 shots :-), were taken before we even got to the main entrance. They were all along the walkway from the parking lot.

Please excuse this interruption. Jayla wanted me to let everyone know that this is the cactus that "attacked" her :-). It had NOTHING to do with the fact that she reached out and GRABBED it...nothing at all! :-) lol
The following shots were taken on the way to and in the Childrens Garden.

These next 2 of Jayla were so funny. I had read on line that there was a water area for kids to play in. However, not knowing what the weather would be like, I didn't mention it to Jayla. Actually, she knew nothing about us even going to the Gardens. Once we rounded the corner into the Childrens Garden, this water play area was the first thing we saw. Jayla noticed all the other kids playing in it. She looked at me with this look of longing, saying,"Boy, they look like they're having some FUN!" So I said, "Aw man, I wish you'd brought YOUR swimsuit!" Jayla looked so sad, hee hee. Then I said, "Oh my goodness, Jayla LOOK! What's this in my bag?" Her eyes lit up when she saw I had a towel with her swimsuit wrapped in it. Guys, if ya'll could've heard the hysterical laughter that erupted from this little girl. It was priceless! So we went around the corner into the restrooms and changed her into her swimsuit. As she was changing, Jayla says to me, "'re such a tricker! I love you!!" It was hilarious and I think it goes without saying that she had a BALL!

Let's stop right here for a minute. I've got TONS more pictures to share with you. However, I'm getting a little nervous that Blogger won't let me put all of them in this one post. Therefore, I'm gonna break this up into 3 seperate posts (YES, there are that many photos,lol)

Stay tuned....


Monogram Queen said...

As soon as I read that I thought of FOOTBALL LOL

I love being a "tricker" and the "trickee" both! Those gardens sound wonderful Dawn.

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE all of these pics1!! The one of Jayla in the watering can is adorable. And you were SO smart to bring the bathing suit; that was such a great surprise for you!

Okay, now I have another reason to come to Atlanta. I love botanical gardens.

Diane said...

OMG the picture of her in the watering can... Her face!!! That one made me laugh out loud... Great capture.

Babydoll said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing. The next time I am in Atlanta, I'll have to make that one of my stops. Shame on that cactus for attacking Jayla!! :)

Gretchen said...

Those flower pictures are amazing, Dawn. And..aren't you the best mom ever to bring a swim suit and towel! That Jayla's a doll.

Jude said...

Your pics are amazing, And Jayla is too funny!!

renee said...

Great flower pics. Don't you just love taking pics of them? They always cooperate.

Jenniwren32 said...

Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time!!! TFS