Saturday, September 20, 2008

How bout an update?

Hi Ya'll!!!

Welp, it looks like I've let another week pass me by, huh? I seriously thought I'd have more time to blog once school was back in. Guess I was kinda wrong about that.

But in my own defense, I no longer have a laptop. I gave it to my mom. I use to do a lot of my updating at night from my laptop once I shut my desktop down for the evening. But now, once I shut down and go to my room for the evening....I'm DUN!!! :-)

Anyway, it's nothing personal...Believe me.

Ok, let's see, this week I had a bunch of running around to do...mainly trying to find a gas station that actually had some gas! What's up with THAT? I also found myself working at the school for a few hours this week. Oh, and while we're on the subject of school, Jayla got her Fall pictures back this week. Check out this little cutie. Then on Friday night, our big Stingrays had a game. Oh my goodness, these guys are looking awesome! They won 6-0. We had team pictures taken yesterday morning...THAT was interesting. Jayla's team played first and she scored one goal. Yay Jaylabear!! Our big Stingrays were expecting to have a pretty tough competition yesterday, but managed to pull off another "W". They won 7 - 0. Our other team, Barcelona, had a tough game yesterday as well. But also won. Their score was 5 - 3! I'm so proud of all of our teams. We've got our first tournament coming up the first weekend in October. So we'll see how we do there.

I want to take a minute to give a special Thank you shout out to my friend, Melanie. She sent me a sweet little care package of scrapbooking stuff. I love getting surprises in the mail.

Lastly, I think it's time I do the Friday Flower Fix. But shoot, I may have to change the name of that here pretty soon. Because it's a rare thing for me, these days, to get that posted on Fridays :-). I'll have to think about that some more. But in the meantime, here's your fix.

Oh well, that's all I've got for today. See, there was a good reason I didn't update this past week...I don't have much to post about, lol. I'm even becoming a little boring. Anyway, we all know that that's subject to change without notice. So stay tuned! :-D

Ya'll have a great week and I'll talk to you soon. Toodles!!


Jude said...

hey Dawn!! Jayla's school pictures came out beautiful... her smile is so sweet. Tell her I said good job on the goal! :)

renee said...

I saw on the news that you all had a gas shortage. I wonder why there and not here? Anyway, if I could send you some, I would. Tell Jayla hello and that her pic is great.

Adrienne said...

Jayla is beautiful!!!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

Glad to get the update and Jayla is adorable!
I'm seriously of thinking of getting a new laptop. I hated my old one but the idea of a new one just appeals to me. I will give the old (two years) to the MIL I guess.

Brown English Muffin said...

I heard that gas stations in GA and TX were literally running out of gas...I didn't believe them until I read your blog...yep there you have it...I believe you over NBC's that for respect!! LOL

And why in the world is Jayla growing up right before my very eyes...this is so sad...she looks soo cute but way too old...where's my bear?

Gretchen said...

Jayla is adorable, and the flower is wonderful. Thank you for both!

Trisha said...

So cute! Getting so big!