Saturday, September 06, 2008

Soccer Season Opener

This promises to be a shorter than normal post. I mean, there's not much you can say when ALL THREE teams win their opening games. Woo Hoo!!!

Game 1 - Lil Stingrays 9am: Jayla's all girls team did AWESOME today! And I must say, we sure have a pretty team :-). They really are! At the U8 level, they don't keep score. But I'm no dummy! I know that when one team scores more goals than the other team, that team wins! So, let's just say the Stingrays got a big ole "W" today!

And just try and guess who scored the very first goal within the first 2 minutes of the game?


That's right...Jayla, aka "Fancy Feet" :-).

Here's a couple before the game photos. (Please disregard the early morning "fake" smile) lol

Game 2 - Stingrays 12pm: My goodness, what can I say about the Stingrays? They were absolutely AMAZING today! They won their game 11 to 0! And from what I was told, the coaches told the boys to play down a little bit today. Good gracious, if this was playing DOWN...I can only imagine what the score would've been had they played to their full potential! Yay Stingrays!!!

Game 3 - Barcelona 2pm: Once again, what can I say about our new U16 team? I've never actually sat and watched an entire U16 game before. Man, was I impressed. Some of the guys have never even played for an actual organized team before. Well, who woulda thunk it? They play GREAT together. Some of the boys on this team, were actually from the Stingrays. But due to their age, they had to move up. So, in order to keep the guys together, we kinda moved up too and created a new U16 team. That way, when the Stingrays move up in a couple of seasons, they will all be back together again. Anyway, the Barcelona won today too...10 - 0!! Woo Hoo!!!

Alright, needless to say, we're all pretty pumped about how all the kids played today. Hopefully, this is what our season will look like. All I can say is, don't try and reach me on a Saturday :-). We got to the fields today at 8:45am and didn't leave until after 4pm! So, if you need me, check there first :-) lol.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Gretchen said...

Wow! You ARE pumped. How fun! Great pictures, too. :)

denaid said...

Adorable! Go Stingrays!!

Monogram Queen said...

Congratulations!! Jayla is getting so big!

Leah said...

She looks so much older than last years soccer pics! She growing so!

Lynilu said...

Uh, does the term "soccer mom" mean anything to you? You are there!!

I'm glad your teams are doing so well. It is SO much more fun than the other way! My baby was on the smallest basketball team in the Y league, they always lost, and it was very, very hard. I will say, though, that she came out of it stronger, so it wasn't a total loss, just hard to take at the time!

And quit showing pictures of that kid! I'm tired of seeing just how dang cute she is!! ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

Is it actually possible to look cuter each yeah in your soccer uniform? Is it....if s o Jayla nailed it!! LOL

Susie Q said...

She is such a pretty, sweet young lady. Oh how fast they grow...*sniffle*

I know you will have a wonderful soccer year!!

I MISS you sweet lady!! I haven't seen you in so long!! I hope I did not do anything to upset you!

Have a wonderful weekend and give Jayla a big hug from me!


gold said...

Go Stingrays!!!!

Babydoll said...

Doesn't she just have the cutest soccer ball ever?!!! Congrats on the win!!

Veroncia said...

I don't know what happened to my comment, and I don't remember what I said...LOL

Go Stingrays! J is growing up so much with her cute little self.

Trisha said...

Oh she is too cute and she knows it!