Friday, September 26, 2008

WOW...I'm posting on a Friday!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Many times, I start off my posts with good intentions of it being short(er) and to the point(s). However, I never seem to be able to make that happen :-). So I'm not even gonna go there today....

Alrighty, let's see what I have to share today.

~On Monday, I went to the post office and then to this Mexican restaurant that we like to go to. Although I was hungry and would've been happy to munch on a Fajita...I didn't go there to eat this time. About 10 minutes after Jayla's birthday party ended last year, the girl was already putting together a game plan for NEXT year's shindig :-). (a "planner" after my own heart) However, planning anything other than a 200 person wedding a year in advance is even a bit much for me. Anyway, Jayla wants to have a Mexican Fiesta this year. Her birthday is in November. So I figured being the "reasonable" planner that I am, I'd better start getting my act together.

I've decided that this year, I don't want to ANYTHING but decorate and send out invitations for the party. So that's why I went to this particular restaurant, to find out about catering. I find out that "catering" isn't done through my local location, it's all done through some home office type location.

Not a problem!

I get home, give them a call, provide all the pertinent information for this upcoming Fiesta. ONLY to receive an email, 5 minutes later with an attached proposal.

Sweet, huh?

Not so much!

It will be a COOL $766.00 (yes, I put the decimal in the right place) to cater a 7 year olds birthday party!!!

Ok, now I'm trying to think about how, exactly, I'm gonna present this to Mister M. Not that I'm even CONSIDERING having the party catered now. But, I just LOVE seeing the element of surprise on his face, LOL. So he gets home and I tell him that I looked into the catering that we discussed. I tell him to sit down :-) and he gives me this, "Uh oh! " look. I hand him the proposal and...I wait. He looks at me and immediately says, "I didn't know Jayla was getting married!" Hee hee...that's what I was thinking. Then he asks, "So, what's plan B?" lol. I then send the nice catering lady a sweet email telling her that, although I appreciate her assistance, we've decided that $766 is a bit much to pay for a childs birthday party. Actually, I don't think we've spent that much on all 6 of her past birthday parties combined! :-) Within 15 minutes, she replies saying that she has made a few "adjustments" for us, and for me to look over the new proposal and let her know what I think. SURE...$466 is MUCH better!!! Seriously lady! You REALLY want me to tell you what I think?? I doubt it.

ANYWAY, it looks like I'm gonna be decorating, sending out inviations AND cooking up a bunch of taco meat and slicing tomatoes! ARGH!!! Anything for the kids, right? :-D

~OH...I meant to follow up with ya'll and tell you that I did eventually find a gas station...with gas! And I sat in line for over 20 minutes...waiting for one of the 6 pumps that were open (there are 16 at this particular station). Again, ARGH!!!

~Next up on my fun week...a bra fitting! Yes, I'm gonna share this with you, lol. By the way, before I go any further, I've located Victoria's's down my shirt!!

ANYWAY, I have this "event" coming up and I'm gonna need a nice, new bra. So my eldest daughter tells me that VS will do a free bra fitting. SWEET! I wander over to our local VS and ask the sales girl/lady if they do fittings there. She confirms that they do and reaches in her pocket and pulls out a tape measure. YEP...she wants to measure me right there in the front of the store at the door! Seriously?!?!? Then she says, "Oh, did you want to go do this in the dressing room?" Well, huh...let me think a minute? YEAH, let's do that!!

Anyway, she gets me measured and I find that I've been right all along. Yay me! But wait...there's more! What's up with the double letters? Technically speaking, aren't all women "double letters"? I mean, for the most part, we all have 2 "girls/ta-ta's" or a SET of twins, don't we? Ok, for the record, she TOLD me that I would be considered a "double", but a "single" would work just as well. Now, how is that possible? I accidentally bought a "double" one time and the thing was just short of being a mock turtleneck!

Make it a single, please! Sheesh...

~I had the pleasure of picking out the trophies for our Lil Stingrays. What happen to the days when you could walk into a trophy store, tell the people you want 16 soccer trophies and a week later, they're ready? What's up with the mazillion choices? ARGH!! Anyway, I made the decision and I can now check that off my to do list.

~Speaking of soccer, Jayla's team was invited to play a scrimage game during the half time of one of our local colleges. She and the rest of her team are SOO excited. So next Friday is the day. I'll let you know how that goes.

~Almost lastly, let's talk about gas again, shall we? NO, I don't have any! :-) And neither do half the gas stations in Georgia! Mister M. attempted to get gas at 6...yes, SIX different gas stations yesterday on his way home from work. He was able to see just how far a teaspoon of gas will get cha! Fortunately, he made it home. Still, he wasn't able to find a place last night. The poor guy got up this morning at 4:45 to go see if he could put gas in his car. Fortunately, my van had a 1/2 tank. So he takes my van and the gas can to search for some petro for his car. After going to 3 places, he finally finds a place, waits in line, fills up my van and puts a few dollars in the gas can. He then comes back home, uses the gas in the gas can to put gas in his car, then leaves again to go fill up his car. He didn't get back home this morning until 6:3o! Only to have to get dressed for work and head back out again. Poor guy!

~LASTLY, our U14 Stingrays have a game tonight and then the other 2 teams play tomorrow. After the games, Coach M. has been invited to a birthday party for one of the players. YES, the kids invite my husband to birthday parties, LOL.

SO...that's my week & upcoming weekend in a HUGE nutshell. But before I bid you a farewell, how bout we end with a flower fix...

Have a great weekend!


jacki jones said...

Posting on Friday and a long post too. Took me all afternoon to read it...

Let me see I have lots of comments...

1)I'll help with the Tacos, give me the date now, so that I can squeeze you into my schedule.

2)LOL, Victoria's secret...

3)Gas!!! it's crazy isn't it. All I thought about was with this going on, I might not get to see my friend Dawn any time soon.

4) Go Jayla!!!

Lynilu said...

Uh-huh! Now we see how much you really care about that sweet baby girl. You won't even put a second mortgage on the house for her? Tsk, tsk.

Good grief!! But I guess people actually do that, don't they?

I don't understand why the gas shortage. I've heard about it a lot, but haven't heard any "reason." I hope it clears up soon.

Diane said...

FYI Stouffers makes a really yummy family sized chicken enchilada dish (freezer section). Probably one of those with your tacos will be plenty of fiesta variety :) Costco also has mini chicken tacos that you just heat up. They're yummy too.

Pattern Paper Addict said...

What a cute idea for a birthday party! I can't believe that the catering was that much. And, I definitely hope the gas situation gets better for you all.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful mums. Wow, you are the busy beaver. And, I agree, it's highway robbery what some folks want for simple catering. I know that they have to make a living, but I wanted to do a simple BBQ at our beach house and have it catered. Not after learning that it would set us back $1000. What-ever. I guess some sweat and a few hours of work are totally worth it.

Sounds like Jayla's having a blast in soccer.

Adrienne said...


Jude said...

WOW!! For $766 I will come cater her party! LOL. That is nuts! I say, go to Costco and get those premade little sticks, I forget what they are called... tequitos maybe? And ours has premade mini tacos with chicken too. Hope you survive and let us know what you decide to do! ;)

Monogram Queen said...

Yikes! Stacy would have passed right out at that figure!

Colleen said...

now you know i'll help you with prep for the birthday party o' the century. just gimme a call and i'll be there in a flash (if i can get gas because this is insane)

renee said...

Pay me and I will come cater. I can't believe the gas thing in Georgia. I just don't understand why.

Leah said...

I have never in my life heard of such craziness for Mexican food! LOL

I have one of those Victoria Secret stories.. but it's a tad different.. I'm a little ole gal and the sales rep was trying to fit me for gel inserts. ok. you can pick yourself up off the floor now. lol

Trisha said...

Wow girl..maybe you can save that for the sweet 16 party? OR until Jayla gets a job and can contribute! LOL! How about making a taco bar!? LOL! Or a nacho bar?

Susie Q said...

I wish I could help you with the I would love to.
Kid's parties are getting so big and so expensive! Grace actually asked if we were *rich enough* to take about 6 little girls and all us on a Disnay cruise for her BD next year. After I stopped laughing hysterically I told her we could not even take US on a Disney cruise next year. Heck! I have never been on a cruise and I am an old lady! : ) The child has little concept yet about how much things cost! : )

I LOVE your posts...and you do so make me smile. The bra thingee was a hoot. I KNOW I could use one of those fittings...: )

The gas thing is wild...nothing like that here yet. It is crazy!

Jayla is having such fun with too huh!?

Love ya you busy lady you!

Brown English Muffin said...

ok I've been spending way to much on Courtney's bday parties and she's only TWO thanks for the rude I have to figure out something reasonable for her 3rd bday geez thanks!!!