Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm comin, I'm comin!!!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

A dear friend of mine, sweetly reminded me that I was off my game, once again, with regards to updating my BLOG. Well...SKUZE ME!!! :-)

Let's see, what have I been doing since I chatted with you guys last? I had breakfast here with a few friends on Wednesday morning. Nothing like good food and great friends. And then on Friday I had breakfast at IHOP with an old high school friend. I also volunteered at Jayla's school a couple of days. Then on Friday evening, we went to a birthday party for one of Jayla's friends. We had fun watching all these little girls squeal over gifts and just having fun together.

And now, that brings us to soccer. Yesterday, Jayla had a 9am game and what a game it was. Never have I seen kids under the age of 8 talk trash! :-) It was kinda funny...well, at least until the trash talker from the other team got up in my Jayla's face! HEY NOW!!! We'll have NONE of that!! :-)

The Stingrays scored a goal and it obviously didn't sit too well with one of the girls from the other team. She starts yelling at our girl who scored and said we were cheating as well as a few other things. Then I see this same girl get up in Jayla's face and start talking smack. So at the water break, I asked Jayla what the girl had said to her. Are ya'll ready for this? Jayla told me that the girl was yelling at her and saying that she hated here. And THEN...the girl called Jayla a....LADY BUG!!! A Lady Bug! Can you believe it??? Boy, someone needs to wash that girls mouth out with liquid hand sanitizing soap, LOL.

It took everything I had not to laugh. But Jayla was SO out done by being called a "lady bug". So much so that in the next half, while the "name caller" was playing goalie, Jayla took the ball down the side of the field and sent that thing, MACH 5, right through the girls hands and into the net. BOO-YAH!!! :-) And that was just one of the 2 goals that Jayla scored. That's my girl!!!

And to end this game, the "name caller" showed great sportsgirlship, by coming over to Jayla and apologizing to her for calling her such a CRUEL name :-). I thought that was very sweet.

Our 2nd game of the day was played by Barcelona, our U16 team. Sadly, they lost 4 - 2. But played well, nonetheless. Maybe next weekend!

Lastly, was our U14 Stingrays. What a game! Despite the sucky field conditions, our boys pulled off another "W". They won 4 - 1! Woo Hoo!!!

Well, that's about it for our weekend. Not sure what's planned for the upcoming week. But I'm ready for it!!! :-). I hope you all had a great weekend and that you'll have a wonderful week. I'll be talking with ya soon.

But before I go, here's your fix....



Diane said...

Thank you for posting Dawn. It's a good thing you have a dear friend to remind you of when you're failing. ;)

Jayla... I don't even know what to say... I'm really relieved to hear that girls her age aren't calling each other names any worse than 'Lady Bug'. That's too funny.

Have a great week friend. I'll be at Paige's bday party next weekend so I'll chat with you when I get back!

Monogram Queen said...

You're allowed a "pass" because of school starting and soccer starting - but only for a short while *grin*

Trisha said...

That is funny....Ladybug! Wow! Part of me is saying, Jayla should had shouted when she kicked it in..":LADYBUG THAT!" LOL!

Gretchen said...

That Jayla--she'll keep you on your toes. How cute is that story!!!?!!

Leah said...

That's some serious competitive little girls lol!

Brown English Muffin said...

Good job Jayla...and I'm very proud of the little girl for apologizing!!!