Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things most people don't know about me..

First of all...I got (stole) this idea from my new friend, Adrienne. Thanks girl!!

1. I'm pigeon toed
2. I ADORE Dr. Pepper
3. I think my gray hair is gorgeous
4. My favorite color is inspires me.
5. I hate yard work
6. I love to read magazines...over & over& over again
7. My favorite store (at the moment) is The Scrapbook Clearance Center (and Target)
8. I love lava lamps and I have 2 purple ones
9. My favorite foods are shrimp & ceasar salad (but not together)
10. Did I mention that I LOVE Dr. Pepper?
11. I tried (along with my husband) for 11 years to have a baby. She'll be 4 years old tomorrow!
12. I don't like conflict...could be because I don't know how to fight.
13. I don't like white shoes (except for sneakers)
14. I absolutely LOVE scrapbooking!!!
15. I love scolding hot food and showers
16. I broke my ankle at the soccer field...and I wasn't even playing!
17. I have emailed my new friend EVERY day since we met a little over a week ago (yes, she has replied)
18. I hate cold weather
19. I don't like the smell of fresh cut grass or rain..yuck!
20. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
21. I LOVE to type.
22. Dr. Pepper...did I mention that yet? Hee Hee
23. I love chocolate on raisins, pretzels, strawberries, coconut, and...nevermind!
24. I was born in New York
25. I cry very, very easily...sniff, sniff
26. I L-O-V-E being a mom & a wife
27. I think GOD is totally amazing. I wouldn't want to have to do His job!
28. I love the ocean
29. I love being me!
30. I'm glad you took the time to read my BLOG!

1 comment:

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

TOO CUTE! I LOVE IT!!!! I HAVE to comment! I LOVE Dr. Pepper too, but not NEARLY as much as you...