Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Too cute for words

Well, that season sure went by fast! But look at the final result, just TOO cute for words!. Jayla simply had a BLAST in her first season playing soccer. Although she's still a little confused with the difference between practice and an actual game, she did great. Fortunately, at this age, they don't keep score. But Jayla made it very well known when she "won" the game by scoring a total of 8 goals for the season :-). Assuming she'll play in the Spring, we'll have a few things to work on with the little Cheetah. With the help of "Coach Daddy", she will need to work on kicking the ball in the right direction - perferably towards her goal. And the biggest thing will be to try and keep her from "posing" for me every time she sees me trying to take a picture of her "naturally" playing. That one's gonna take some work :-). We're so proud of you, Jayla! You're such a cute little Cheetah!

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