Friday, July 27, 2007


Hey, I need ya'lls help.

As you are all very aware, Markell is no longer living with us. Which means, there is an empty room in our house. My DH was very adement about getting rid of the furniture that was left in there. And as of today, the bunk beds have been sold via Craigs List.

I've been a little hesitant about inquiring about making that room into my craft/scrapbooking room. As, DH may have other plans for it. What? I have no idea. We have a room, that we affectionately refer to as the playroom, where we spend about 80% of our family time. DH's computer desk is in here, my scrapbooking/craft area is in here, Jayla's toys are in here and there's a TV in here for Jayla to watch. Even the dog, Trae takes an ocassional nap in here.

Speaking of the TV, that leads me to my reason for wanting to move out of this "common area". Tell much of Dora The Explorer, The Wiggles, Hannah Montana, High School Musical and That's So Raven is a mom supposed to take??? (there's more too, but I don't dare mention them ALL) I mean REALLY!!! lol Daddy has it good...he's playing shoot 'em up games on his computer with headphones on (Saving the world, as he calls it). So he doesn't get the pleasure of hearing all of the aforementioned shows. Jayla could fall out the window, get hit by a bus, get chased by wild boar, I could yell for him to call 911 as I dive out after her and he'd NEVER hear any of it! Two hours later, he'd say, "Dawn, did you say something?" LOL Not to mention, he's at work during the day. (Note: none of this regarding Jayla has the possibility of happening. Merely trying to make a point.) Ok, moving where was I?

I would REALLY love to, "spread my wings", so to speak, with regards to my scrapping and crafting. I would REALLY love to have my printer at arms reach, and not have to walk around the table, step over Trae and risk Jayla missing one second of The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, as I walk by. I would REALLY love to be able to listen to MY oldies music...and sing out loud, while I whip out some fabulous scrapbook layouts. All without having to hear, "MOM! Look at this!!! It's my favorite part!" ARGH!!

I have tip toed around the subject of relocating--literally, across the hall. However, I have yet to get an answer. Let it be known, that he has not said, "No!" But he hasn't said, "Yes" either. We have even discussed the paint color for the room. Which he likes & approves of. I have gone so far as to draw up a floorplan, to scale, mind you...hee hee. And I've made cute little furniture pieces so I can see how to set up said room. (And some how, my sewing machine has already made it's way in there...weird! )LOL. I honestly think I can do the room, in it's entirety, for about $250, maybe even less. But again, I have yet to do my presentation for the Mister.

Ok, this is where you guys come in. PLEASE tell me the best way to present this to my hubby. I'm not real good with rejection. So I think that's why I haven't brought it up again. I can't bear the thought of him telling me no. And then I'll probably question him if he says yes. (Remember, I'm a worrier by trade) I am open to any suggestions you may have.

I'm sure you guys will come up with some great suggestions for me. I can't wait to read your thoughts.

Oh well, I'm off for the evening. Tomorrow, we're having some family over for a little BBQ. Then DH and I are going out mingling and dancing with some friends. Can't wait! I'll show pix either Sunday or Monday. Ya'll have a great weekend!!!


Lynilu said...

Dawn, I nominated you for an award at my blog. Please stop by and pick it up! :)

Susie Q said...

Beg, plead, beg again, bat your eye lashes. Okay, so none of this has ever helped me but hey.
Just explain what it would mean to you and how much you NEED to give yourself permission to do something for YOU. You give so much to your family and this is all you are asking in return. A place for your creativity to come to life. You NEED this.
Then beg and plead. *grin*

I am with you about the Wiggles and High School Musical and Hannah Montana and Disney et al. I actually liked them all the first 356,986 times but now it is getting old.

Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy every minute. Hugs to you all.

Love ya,

Jude said...

Hmmm.... I am not sure how you would ask about that one... I think by my stuff pretty much taking over our office,Micah was the one who was like, hey, let's redo this room. LOL... :) Your idea sounds great, he will love it!

Veroncia said...

I have no advice for you girl. I would just take the room over, and that wold be that. But them that would probably explain why I'm not married...LOL