Tuesday, July 24, 2007

That SUSIE Q!!!!

I can't believe it...that Susie Q has stumped me!! She CLAIMS that I'm the only "Dawn" whose blog she reads. And therefore, she tagged me on this list. Normally, I don't shy away from a quiz or a list...as I really enjoy doing them. But again...like I said...she stumped me.

Ok, I'm not gonna shy away from this one either. But I will say that I really struggled trying to come up with EIGHT random facts/habits about myself. During this struggle, I've come to the conclusion, that I'm a very uninteresting person...lol.

Well, Susie...because it's YOU...I did it :-). Hopefully, what you're all about to read about me won't stop you from continuing to read my blog. lol...I promise, it's not that bad.

Alrighty, Here are The Rules!

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged need to write in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. When I was about 7 years old, I met Muhammed Ali in LaGuardia airport in NY. He pointed at me and said, "HEY...I know you!" Then he came over and took a picture with me. I have NO idea where that picture is. But I'm sure he has a big poster of it somewhere in his home. I was kinda scared of him because he was so LOUD. And I thought he was gonna punch me :-).

2. I absolutely LOVE oldies music. Most of which, music that's older than I am. My hubby enjoys testing me by turning the TV to the oldies music stations, telling me not to look and tells me to guess what the song is. I "get it right" by either knowing the name of the song, who sings it or knowing some or all of the lyrics. 9 times out of 10, I'm right. He swears that, I'm neither "only" 40 or black :-) LOL.

3. I DO NOT like Doritos! However, I only eat them ON ham sandwiches. NO...not WITH ham sandwiches..ON them. There's just something about that cheesy crunch.

4. I was once in a car accident a with telephone pole...immediately followed by a minor fendor bender with the car of the police officer that stopped to assist. "But officer, that telephone pole came out of nowhere...and so did you!" Can you believe he let me go with a warning? I was a new, inexperienced driver. And somehow he noticed that and just let me go.

5. I read the same magazine about 4 or 5 times before I put it aside. The first time, it's just to skim the pages. 2nd time, I read SOME of the articles that caught my eye during the skim. The 3rd time is to read articles thoroughly and look at every detail of the photos. The 4th time, I glance through the magazine backwards (from the back cover, forward) this is where pages get dog eared for future glancing. What can I say? I have to make sure I get my moneys worth.

6. When I was a teenager, my mom always told me that, due to my constantly being on the telephone, I was gonna, one day, work at the phone company. Well, what does she know? So what I worked at BellSouth/Cingular Wireless for a little over 14 years!! LOL.

7. I am the biggest worrier I've ever known. NO...I didn't say WARRIOR....I said WORRIER!!! I can't help it. I am overly concerned about everything that's even worthy of a 2nd thought. I totally realize that more than 1/2 of what I worry myself sick about, there's nothing I can do about it. This in turn, makes me a very emotional person and a person who has a hard time sleeping. I cry VERY, very easily. I'm a mess....I know. But THIS is the kicker...I am also a very HAPPY person. I love to laugh and smile. I just happen to worry alot. So sue me...no, don't...it would just make me cry.. :-).

8. When my oldest daughter was about 2 years old, I accidentally locked her in the car in the dead of winter. Back in 1986, it wasn't the "law" that a child be in the backseat. But they did have to be in a carseat or booster. So, she was in her booster seat, in the passenger seat. I was on my way to take her to a babysitter so I could go to work. I'd forgotten something in the house, so I left her buckled in the car, heat on, radio on and doors locked. Well, I thought I'd left at least one door unlocked. I run in the house, come RIGHT back out and find the drivers side door locked. So I go to the back doors...LOCKED. Lastly, I go to the passenger door...LOCKED. Briyanna (my daughter) is sitting in her little seat, all bundled up, laughing at mommy running around the car. And what do I do?? I WORRY!!! I PANIC!!! It's about 7:00 in the morning and I have to be to work in an hour. A few days prior to this, Briyanna had learned to unlock the car doors. But oddly enough, she only knew how to unlock the drivers side (reason this is so odd is, all the locks are the same...go figure!) ANYWAY...I run in the house and wake up my step-father. He comes out into the cold with a hanger to try and jimmy the locks. My mother has decided to call 911! Back at the car...Briyanna is in there dancing and singing whatever is on the radio...LOL. She taps on the window, saying, "Hey mom...your song is on!" She has no clue that we're in the middle of a minor crisis. Finally, I remember that she knows how to unlock the door. So I go to the drivers side and call her to me. She looked so cute. She scrunches up her little face and says, "WHAT? Can I hear you???" I said, again..."Honey, come to mommy!" Somehow, she manages to climb out of her seat...even with that big ole winter coat on :-). So she's now kneeling in the drivers seat, grinning and kissing me through the glass...still singing and dancing. I say, "Baby, unlock mommy's door!" "WHAT?" she says. "UNLOCK MOMMY'S DOOR!!!". Then she says, "Wait a minny...I can hear you, mommy!" And what does she do next??? She rolls down the window! And then says, "What you say, mommy? Bri Bri can hear you good!" LOL And just as this all comes to an end, we look up and see this big red fire truck screaming down the street....at the same time that my step-father is about to smash out my back passenger window! What a funny morning THAT was.

WOW, finding EIGHT semi-interesting things about myself, was quite a task. But I did it. Hopefully, you all are still my friends...lol. Ok, from what I understand, I'm now supposed to select 8 fellow readers to do the same. Alright ladies, you're on: Adrienne, Diane, Veroncia, B.E.M., Jude, Leah, Cheryl, Gretchen & A Brasilian in Atlanta (Colleen). (Ok, I know that's 9 people...I kept thinking of more names) However, if there is anyone else who'd like to join in...please do. I'd love to read your list.

WHEW...I'm exhausted! Thanks SUSIE!!! lol


Kansas Queen said...

These were great especially #8! I stalk your blog thanks to BrownEnglishMuffin and I always enjoy it. Keep sharing.

denaid said...

Oh come on... you didn't tag me. Dang you girl.

Your Briyanna story was great and totally reminds me of something Jayla would do today. Maybe you should try it. ;)

Jude said...

haha... I already did this one with 7!! I cannot believe it, I feel ahead of the tag curve for once! :)

Susie Q said...

Hee hee hee...I am evil aren't I? : )
But I think you ARE interesting and fun and witty! See? Your list is WONDERFUL!
Your baby girl's story was just precious...: )

I too am a worrier. Oh man am I ever.

I saw MA in an airport once...in LA but I did not get a photo with him! You lucky duck.

I LOVED you list dear friend!!!

Love ya,

Brown English Muffin said...

OMG I swear I was frantic reading the one about Bri being locked in the car...it was like I was reading a book and had to get to the end!!!

Ok now I am going to be stumped I swear!!!! LOL