Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend recap, men and shopping & Inspired to INSPIRE

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you all well.

So, did you guys have a good weekend? Mine was actually pretty fun. I mean, all we did was go do some shopping for the upcoming 4th of July holiday. (we're having around 30+- people over) For the first time in many moons, my hubby went shopping with us. We had to go to BJ's to do our large quantity shopping and we NEEDED him there to help pick up the big & bulky stuff. Not to mention, pick out the "right" ribs since he'll be the one grilling them. After we left there, we stopped by the house to drop off all the big stuff so we'd have room in the back of the van. Then we headed to "the man" store...LOWE'S :-). I mean, doesn't everyone HAVE to have another grill? It's a cardinal sin to have chicken, hot dogs, brats, and burgers on the same grill as the ribs. DUH!!! So we grabbed another grill and some more charcoal.

Then we headed down to Publix to get the "normal" family sized stuff. Not to worry, I won't tell you guys everything we bought. But I will say this...I found out exactly why I don't often take the mister shopping with me. He is the BIGGEST kid! I'm not sure if it was because his mother was with us or if he was just having fun and showing out for Jayla. Regardless, I'm gonna try not to ask him to go with me Maybe in the future, I'll just have him go FOR me! Yeah, that's a great idea. That way, he'll just go in for what he needs them come back out.

People, this man was messing with stuff and asking all kinds of questions. Questions, like, "Why don't you ever buy this for us?" "What is THAT stuff for?" "Do people REALLY eat that?" I think the man was hungry because he wanted EVERYthing he saw. One of the things we went there for was BBQ sauce. He didn't want the kind we normally get this time. He wanted to try one that he heard about on The Food Network. So we found it...and you guys, this man opened the bottle and stuck his finger in it to taste it! I was SO embarassed! Then, to add insult to (my) injury, he LICKED the seal that was on the bottle opening. ARGH!!! At this point, I am now PRAYING that he liked the sauce. Because I was having palpatations thinking about what he would've done with the opened bottle had he NOT! I can see it now...him "accidentally" dropping and breaking the bottle on the floor -- then hearing "CLEAN UP ON ISLE 5" over the store intercom!! MEN!! Thankfully, he liked it and we did in fact purchase the opened bottle.
THEN...once we filled up the shopping cart (or buggy...depending on what part of the country you're from), we headed to check out. My MIL paid for her items first and then the crazy man started unloading our stuff onto the belt. I moved the cart just a little bit so that he could get to things better, and it happens.....My husband FALLS on the floor, right in front of the candy and magazines, grabbing his leg saying that I'd hit him with the cart.
I know I turned every shade of red!! Jayla got the biggest kick out of her deranged daddy laying on the floor, rolling around, pretending like he's in agony. By now the cashier and the bagger are STUNNED!! They don't know rather he's really hurt and they may have a lawsuit on their hands. Or if he's kidding. However, they quickly noticed me, my MIL and Jayla laughing at him...and by now, hubby is laughing too. Needless to say, the cashier said that we'd been the highlight of his day. As they had been VERY busy due to the upcoming holiday. Oh my goodness...why US?? Better question, why ME??? :-) What a fun outing!

Ok, I thank you all for your patience and sharing in our family craziness. Now, for your words of INSPIRATION:
"Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting."


gold said...

HA HA that is to funny!!Yes men can be something when you take them shopping.My hubby always sneaking something in the cart.When I get to check-out I see all these things I didn't get.He would be behind me smiling a crazy smile.

TanishaRenee said...

Oh my goodness Dawn, this is too funny! I probably would have turned every shade of red, too. I don't even send my DH to the store becasue he ALWAYS comes back with the wrong stuff and not on purpose! HA!

Susie Q said...

That was a hilarious post Dawn...and when Bill goes, we always spend more money! He is always after me to be more frugal but if he goes to the store with me...he puts things in my cart that we do not need!!!

LOVE that quote today too!

Hey! You all have a wonderful 4th okay??

Love ya,

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, that story just cracked me up!!! And you're right--it is dangerous to take a husband to the grocery store with you! LOL The only good thing about taking them is that they realize how much money groceries really do cost!!! I don't think G realy gets how much they cost untilhe does some shopping!!
Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July (30+ plus people; wow!!)

Brown English Muffin said...

OMG this was the FUNNIEST post ever!!! No you dh did not open that BBQ sauce and lick the top, no he did NOT fall out on the floor!! Oh gosh yeah he needs to be left at home with my dh or sent out alone to do the shopping in future!!

I am praying that the lines open up for DH to move to GA and still keep his time served...pray for me I would love to be closer to you...physically closer that is!!! We also have a few family members and friends down there as well it would be soooo sweet! I have asked god if it's meant to be then just go ahead and make it be! (oh that grammer sounds terrible! LOL)

Jude said...

Woohoo... that sounds like Micah! I am glad you got some laughs though, and hey... at least he liekd that sauce!LOL...

Muriel said...

my husband would do something crazy like that too. Craziness!
Although my husband would have opened and then maybe said that one is open we need another one....

I am coming to ATL on the 26th so we have to meet up.