Saturday, June 21, 2008

CRAZY week!!

Hello all my friends.

Where do I begin? It's been a minute since I talked to you. Quite a few things have been going on around here.

Let's see, Monday is a blur. On Tuesday, Jayla and I went to visit with our friend Jacki. If you check out Jacki's blog, you'll see some pictures from our visit. But this one shot didn't make it to her blog...check this out. This little girl is a mess! I don't think she's ever met a "stranger" in her life :-). She was very comfortable at Miss Jacki's you can see. And I'm SURE it had nothing to do with the Dora the Explorer cookies that Miss Jackie bought for her, lol. This picture was taken as we were TRYING to leave. Jayla just wasn't ready to go, so she kinda "fell out" on the ottoman in kind of a "protest" against going to her own house :-). Anyway, it was a very nice visit. I got to meet 2 of Jacki's kids. What super sweet people. I also got to borrow a few stamps and "checked out" a few beading magazines.

Wednesday, Mister M. worked from home so that I could take his mother and myself to doctors appts. Hers was simply a follow up visit from a couple months ago. They sent her home with instructions to come back in 3 months. All is well. My visit was a little bit more...uhhh, involved. Some of you may remember, I broke my ankle in November of 2005. Well, I've been having a few "issues" with it for the past month or so. And I thought I'd better get it check out. Fortunately, my summer footwear is flip-flops. But on occasion, I'd like to wear something a little more appealing. Recently, I've been trying on shoes and I'm finding that I'm a little gun shy when it comes to anything with a heel higher than 2 inches. Not that I want to wear stilletos (as if I COULD!) But still! Back in '05, the doc told me that "I won't be right again" with regards to my ankle and may, in the future, need to have surgery on it. GREAT!!! So, the doc had me take a few more x-rays and told me that the discomfort I sometimes feel, may simply be a little arthritis. I guess we'll have to see what the x-rays say. Oh, and she (the doctor) as a little sneaky and had me do some bloodwork too. ARGH!!! I haven't had my cholesterol checked in over a year. So she made me do that too. But it wasn't such a bad experience...I got a scratch 'n sniff Monkey sticker for being good!! LOL

Ok, Thursday is when all the "fun" began. I'd planned for Jayla and I to just spend a quiet day at home. You know, to do ALL the household chores I should've been doing all week. I threw a load of clothes in wash and did a few more piddly things. My "BFF", Stacey called and said several of our friends were down at the pool and she wanted to know if Jayla and I would come down. So after trying to talk myself out of it for a few minutes, we decided to go. However, I didn't plan on us swimming. Wasn't hot enough and I didn't feel like the "hair" drama that comes along with us "brown" people and swimming :-) lol.

So, we get dressed and head downstairs, only to find Mom taking her pulse, saying she wasn't feeling well. She insisted that she was ok and that she just needed to sit and relax for a bit. I asked if she needed me to call anyone for her and again, she insisted that she was ok. And told me to go do what I was going to do. I didn't feel too terribly bad about leaving as I wasn't even leaving our street. I took my phone with me just in case she needed me. ANYWAY, we hung out at the pool with our friends for about an hour. NOW it's starting to get a little hot, not to mention, I was a little concerned about mom.

We get home and she's still sitting in that same spot, but now looking a little pale. She'd planned to take her pulse again as the last few times, it was very low. She said if it was still low, she was going to call the doctor. Well, it was low the next time and she called the advise nurse. Only to have them request to talk with me because mom didn't want to do what they'd suggested. Which was to call 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Ok, long story short, I called 911 for now, I'm getting a little nervous. Come to find out, the reason mom didn't want to call was because they'd send an ambulance and that would scare Jayla. Knowing that Stacey and our friends were still at the pool, I had a quick fix for that. I called Stacey and asked if I could bring Jayla to her. So I ran her back down to the pool and as I'm dropping her off, we hear the sirens. The paramedics come in, check mom out and decide that she does in fact need to go to the hospital. SO, they take her, and I tried to keep up with them as I'd never driven to this hospital before. No dice!!! I had to figure it out :-).

Mom gets into a room, the nurses are doing all they can to keep mom's heartrate above 50. Which claims to be a bit of a challenge. Needless to say, they wanted to keep her overnight for observation. Mom was alright with that and she had a really good night. Mister M. met me at the hospital and stays with his mom until they put her in a regular room. Everyone is now a little calmer. Mom is in good hands and has been stable.

Mister M. comes home and gets ready for his church league basketball game. Stacey's husband also plays on that team. So she called me to ask if I wanted to go watch the guys play as she was going as well as another one of our friends. Us being there obviously didn't work as the guys lost :-). So we did what EVERY supportive wife would do...we sent the guys home with the kids and went shopping! LOL

Friday, I did some MUCH needed grocery shopping. $280 later, the family can now eat something other than hot dogs and mac & cheese :-). After putting up all the groceries, Jayla and I headed over to the hospital to see mom. She looked GREAT! Mister M came later and was followed by the doctor. They said mom had a good night and had been stable all day. So they sent her home, with directions to see her cardiologist ASAP. Jayla and I left and Mister M. brought his mommy home. Now all is well in the Bibbs household :-).

What a week, huh?I'm must glad mom is doing better now. It got a little weird there for a while. But prayers work wonders!!!

Well, I think after all of that, you guys deserve a Flower Fix...or 2. It's only a day hopefully ya'll don't mind too much :-). Enjoy!!


jacki jones said...

You are forgiven for not posting on Friday. 911 and sirens is a good enough excuse. Seriously, I'm glad mom is doing better. Wow, what a week.

...Is Johnson said...

Whew! What a week. Glad things are well with the Bibbs:)

Renee said...

So glad your MIL is doing better.

Tammi said...

I commentedon your last post...but I thought I'd better jump in on this post and get
How vein,huh?(gigle)
As I rambled on have me wanting to take pix of my scrapbooking now!But I'm so silly,I'd prolly take up the whole screen with pages of my stuff.hahaha
I hear ya on the flip-flop sndal ordeal.I don't know how people managed in the days without them!! Or were there days like that?Hmmm....maybe not.Ohhh...duhhh,Tammi,Jesus even wore sandals!
OK-OK my point is...I hope your xrays come out ok,and all.
Glad to hear yo0ur Mom is alright too,hun.
Take Care...

Monogram Queen said...

Oh Dawn I am so glad Mom is okay and it was so thoughtful of her to worry about scaring Jayla. Thank God for good friends as well

Cheryl Wray said...

WOW!!! That is one hectic time you had!!

That is scary, but SO glad she is doing better now.

And that pic of Jayla? Beyond cute!!!!

Lynilu said...

First, let's talk about your definition of "minute." Different from mine, considerably longer!!! OK, that's not important, but just wanted to make that point!

I'm sorry MIL was having problems. You tell her I understand about not wanting to scare Jayla (it's a gramma thing!!), but we can't have that as her priority next time! Jayla will get over being scared! Call 911 whenever needed!!

It's not just "brown people" with the hair thing, Dawn! My hair gets so unruly in humidity. I got up yesterday in Oklahoma and after my shower, decided to forget styling it. The humidity was so high that it was going to just curl wantonly all over my head before I got home, anyway, so I just let it be! By the time I was out of the humidity, I looked in the rear-view mirror and was glad I would see anyone I knew!!

One more thing ... a "scratch and sniff monkey"???????? That's just gross!! LOL!!! Please tell me you didn't!!

Jude said...

Wow Dawn, what a week! I am glad to hear your MIL is better, I will be praying for her! :) Now, I know that little Jayla was not truly protesting was she? My angel? Never!!! :)

denaid said...

Hey chickie... I haven't checked in in a while and I have no good excuse, so I apologize. Wow... I check in out of the blue and look what I've missed. I'm glad MIL is doing OK but how scary. It makes me think about not being there for my parents. I think you and your family are very blessed to have each to look out for one another.

Love you and miss you!

Brown English Muffin said...

you had me sooo scared during that post...I am so happy that mom is she living with you guys?