Friday, June 13, 2008

Life Raft Lips...

...What a title, huh?
(NOTE: Most of this post was typed up on Thursday, 6/12. But because I all I needed to do for today was post the FFF, I waited until now. Ok, carry

Well, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now. Like a have a life raft stuck to my face.

I had my turn at the dentist today, as I had to get TWO fillings. What's up with THAT? The dentist talked about Jayla's Tuesday morning visit just about the entire time I was there. And she even compared Jayla's "patient skills" to mine...stating that she's a better patient than me. WHATEVER!! lol.

Before I left for my visit, Jayla told me, "Mom, just be calm! That's all you have to do. And I'll be right here when you get back!" Uh, ok, thanks?? lol

Well, all I have to say is that I have had my share of dentist visits. And I KNEW what to expect when I got there. They told me to plan for a 2 hour visit, but I was outta there in 45 minutes! YEAH BABY!!! So it was alright for me to cringe when Miss Dentist Lady tried to sneak the "shotter" from the side so I wouldn't see it. I knew it was coming!! You can't fool me! So what if I tightened up every muscle in my body with each "little" pinch she told me I'd feel! So WHAT!!!

And I love when they ask you questions...and expect you to answer with 2 sets of blue rubber gloved hands, a drill and a spit sucker in your mouth! LOVE THAT!!

Anyway, it's over now and I'm good. I can't chew, talk without drooling all over myself and slurring my words & my lips don't quite line up...but I'm good!

Ok, in my surfing today, I came across this bit of "randomness" on Cheryl's blog. It looked interesting and her answers were great (as always). So I thought I'd borry it...Thanks Cheryl. Well, here goes.

I am...INSPIRED! And glad I made it through my dentist appt today. I HAD to make my daughter proud, you know!
I think...WAY too much! I'm really stressing out over an upcoming event I'm planning (more on that later)
I thank...GOD for my family and my friends. And thankFUL that I don't have to cook for the next 2 days. Gotta love friends who invite you over for cook-outs.
I know...that we are not given more than we can handle. If you've ever survived raising teenagers, you'll know this is true :-).
I wish...I had feeling back in my mouth and that I had a "limited unlimited" financial supply. Got it? lol
I hate...when I yell, fuss and get impatient with Jayla. Sometimes I forget that she's only 6 and VERY sensitive. I need to work on that. And shopping for myself. Oh, and the little minor things that BLOGGER doesn't the whole picture placement thing and the miles of spacing I CONSTANTLY have to fix. Other than that, I don't hate much :-D.
I miss...My grandfather, Cliff. My great-grandmother, Mama G. My SIL, Paula. And my body while I was nursing :-) LOL.
I feel...Blessed and happy about life in general.
I shop...almost daily at the grocery store. (that's another thing I hate). I also shop a lot less than I'd like to :-D.
I the craziest things and at the drop of a dime. I'm a VERY emotional person and just about anything can set me off to tears.
I don't always...straighten up the house as much as I probably should. (cleaning house, that's another thing I hate)
I night while I'm laying in bed. That's the time I can revisit the day I just had and think more clearly. And also while I'm driving.
I lose...weight WAY too slowly! :-)
I the radio almost all day. I LOVE music! Oh, and I listen to questions from Jayla almost all day too.
I am scared...of dying and leaving my family without a mother and wife.
I dance...terribly!!!
I get ready to go over to our friends house. But I'm having too much fun updating my blog :-). Oh, and I need a couple hundred $'s for the event I'll talk about some other time :-D.
I surf...the internet CONSTANTLY!!! If you can't find something on the internet, it can't be found!
I dread...exercising, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and dreaming.
I anticpate...celebrating my daughters' birthdays, my anniversary and the event I can't talk to you about yet :-).
I laugh...ALL THE TIME!!! I love laughing, even at myself. I'm pretty funny, lol.

Welp, there you have it. That was fun and different, huh? Ok, so it's your turn. If you didn't take or see this challenge on Cheryl's blog, NOW YOU DO! So consider yourself tagged. Can't wait to see your answers.

So, what do you guys have planned for the weekend? We're going to some friends house tonight, as I mentioned. So I'm looking forward to that. Oh well, that's about it for me.

Oh shoot...I almost forgot the FFF. Here ya go...Enjoy!


Veroncia said...

You should be free from drooling by now...LOL I'm glad the appointment went fine for you. I'm so a strange person. I like going to the doctor's and dentist's office. So does Ava. We are weird. Have a great weekend.

Brown English Muffin said...

you dread dreaming? Why would you dread a think like that?

Hey did I tell you...oh no I didn't...I typed in the facebook instant messenger and when I hit send it said you'd gone!!....but what I wanted to say was we got the bath suits last night...and I love seing Jayla sign her was soo cute I want to frame it!!

Thank you soooo much I think I'll let her wear one this weekend depending on which one fits!!!

Lynilu said...

I love the numb mouth, 4 hands thing!! SO true!! I've always wondered just what class in dental school they took to do that! My nephew that I stayed with when I was there is a dentist. Maybe I need to ask him about that! LOL!

LuvJones said...

That was a good one! I need to go to the dentist terribly bad..I can see Brenna telling me to be calm as well! LOL!
Hope you ahd a wonderful weekend!

Jude said...

I loved reading this list...we are alot alike in many of these areas!! :)