Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a special day!

Happy Friday!

Today is a special day. Please join me in wishing a very special lady in my life a
Today is my mother's birthday! I just got off the phone with her and I almost told her I was honoring her day with a blog post...ooops! She's gonna kill me when she sees this. And not just because I'm "spotlighting" her by wishing her a happy birthday. But because I'm "spotlighting" her with these..... This is me and my mom at the Bronx Zoo.

My first Communion.

And, back in August of 2006.

Sorry that I'm in all of the pictures, lol. But, my mom doesn't like having her picture taken. So I don't have any of her by herself. Well, other than this one...

And I'm not gonna share it..................................................LOL!

Oh boy, I'm gonna get it for posting that one! But hey, it's a risk I'm willing to take. I think she looks AWESOME!!

Some of you may remember, last year for Mother's Day, I used this photo to do a scrapbook layout for my mom as a gift. I saw it when I was at her house for Spring Break, back in April. It's nicely tucked away...on a her spare bedroom. She loves it!! HAHAHA

Anyway, I didn't share any of these pictures to embarass my mother or anything like that. I simply love her to pieces and wanted to dedicate a post to her on her special day. Hopefully, she'll forgive me.

I am very blessed to have her as a mother and wouldn't trade her for the world. I thank God everyday for choosing HER for ME. We've had our "issues". But what mothers and daughters don't? We are better women for it and our love for eachother has never been shaken.

I love you Mom! Have a blessed day. You deserve it!

Well, let's not forget that today is not only my mothers birthday. But it's FRIDAY! And we know what that means. It's time for a flower fix!
Oh how I love Calla's! Other than tulips (purple ones), these have got to be my favorite. So delicate and beautiful.

So, what have you guys got planned for the weekend? Anything wild, fun & interesting? We might be getting together with some friends this evening. And then tomorrow afternoon, we're going to celebrate another friends 40th birthday at a pool party. I'm looking forward to that one. Then of course, church on Sunday. Other than that, we don't have much going on. Nothing like a lazy Summer weekend!

Well, that's about it for me today. I think I'm gonna take little missy down to the pool. Some of her friends are gonna be down there.

So with that, I'll bid you all a farewell. Have an awesome weekend. And don't forget to Be Inspired...I am!! Toodles!


...Is Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Mama! You're mother is beautiful,and you two look like sisters:) What an honoring thing you did by dedicating a blog post to your mother. Be Blessed.

Cheryl Wray said...

I just ADORE those pictures. My favorite has got to be the one of you and her at the Zoo. She was beautiful then and still is today!!! Please wish her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!!!!!

I love calla lillies. They are my very favorite flowers in the world!!!! (They and roses were my wedding bouquet.)

We have a state softball tourney this weekend.

Have a good one!!

Veroncia said...

Happy B-day Dawn's mom (today is Ava's b-day too). Girl, that pic of mom in the bathing suit is H-O-T! She is a beautiful woman and so are you. Happy weekend.

Gretchen said...

Birthday props to your g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. mom! Have a wonderful celebration. Those pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the very first one.

Have a great weekend. xxxooogretchen

Susie Q said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful Mother! I just love the pictures and the great love that is between you two. There is such a joy when you write about is lovely.

She is a special lady...after all, she raised a wonderful daughter right? You are the woman you are because your Mom was your example. What a priceless gift you are to your mom and she to you.
God Bless you both.

Love ya Dawn! Love and hugs to your Mom!

Lynilu said...

Oh, what great pictures! I love that you have such great memories to share with your mom. I know I don't have to tell you, but treasure her!!

Monogram Queen said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Mom! I think you look like her!

I love old pics :)

Diane May said...

I love the recent picture of you two in 2006. You're both beautiful.

I hope the birthday was joyous!

gold said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful Mon

TanishaRenee said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!!!

I love you space here so much that I'm awarding you- check out my blog!

Linda said...

Hi, Dawn. This is my first time visiting here. I LOVE this post in honor of your mother. I was completely drawn in with the stroller picture, and that swimsuit one was great! Hmm. I'm also guessing that you like purple, like I do! Stop by and see me some time. Have a great 4th.

Jude said...

Your Mom is so classy looking, I love that zoo photo!!

Lillsisslill said...

Love the old pictures!!!