Friday, June 06, 2008

It's HOT!!!

Ok, who's idea was it to be so STINKIN hot today? Huh? WHO?

ARGH!!! I'm not quite to the miserable stage yet...but I'm getting there. It's 3:33pm here right now and it's finally getting "cool". It's 91!! I think it got up to about 95 or 96 today. That's just REE-DICALUS!!! :-)

And then you'll have days like next Thursday... where I'm gonna have to break out the full length leather coat, the gloves, the hat and snow boots. It's ONLY gonna get up to 88 that day. Brrrr!! LOL. Welcome to GEORGIA!!

Another way to tell you how hot it is and Jayla were at our neighborhood pool at 10am! I NEVER go to a pool in the "morning". But I thought it better to go to not subject my daughter to a "rolling boil".

Anyhoo...what do you guys have planned for the weekend? Anything fun? We don't really have any plans that have made their way to THE calendar. So we'll see. Who knows, we may go back to the pool tomorrow so Jayla can show her daddy how she swims across the pool with her big ole pink arm swimmies on :-). And I'd like for him to see how conscience our daughter has become about her lovely brown skin. Now, before she gets in the pool, she flings her arms out to the side, throws her head back and says, "MOM...SPRAY ME!!!" I think she just likes being able to wear sunscreen, lol.

Well, that's all for now. How bout some flowers? I sure hope they don't die in this heat...
Sorry, I couldn't decide which one I wanted you to you get 3 pix :-) ENJOY!!

Have a great weekend! Talk to ya next week.


Lynilu said...

I ran into that hot awful crap where I went, and I can tell you I DO NOT MISS the humidity found most places East of ... well, here!!

I should tell you .... it's OK to be at the pool in the AM. It's drinking before noon that is verboten!!! So you've not broken a rule!!

My weekend? I'm house training a dog!! whoopeeeee dign-dong!

Jude said...

I can just see Jayla throwing her arms abck and saying that! We were up to 100 today... the little kiddies pool feels like bath water! Hope that means July will cool off??? LOL.

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh quit complaining!! LOL And you'd rather snow would you! LOL

I love the part about "And I'd like for him to see how conscience our daughter has become about her lovely brown skin"....this made me smile!

Gretchen said...

um...I'd like to empathize with you, Dawn, but it's 50 degrees here, with a forecasted high of 52 and rain today.

We are in June-uary. The rest of the week (after Wed)looks to be improving. All the way up to the high 60s by Thur.


I changed from my black purse to my wicker and green purse and wore flip flops yesterday just to force myself to remember it's June. ;)


TanishaRenee said...

ha ha- a rolling boil, girl you are funny! I just blogged about how hot it is here, too!

WTG Jayla with the sunscreen, it's important to protect your temple!