Thursday, June 05, 2008

I don't wanna talk about it! :-)

Good morning!

Let's see, what do I have to share today?

Well, I've been doing a little bit of scrapbooking lately. It has been kinda difficult to get back in the "groove", so to speak. ESPECIALLY after putting together 16 Kindergarten scrapbooks. (which I still need to share with you). I've really been longing to get some of my OWN stuff done. So on my weekly Girls Nights, it is always my intention to whip a few pages out. But someone always brings a fun game to play, or the conversation is too good and needs my undivided attention :-), or we go to a movie, or we go out for dessert, or we go bowling like we did last night (don't EVEN ask!)...OR I don't have something I need. My list of excuses can go on forever and ever. Therefore, I won't bore you with them. (REALLY...don't ask about the bowling last was BRUTAL!...don't wanna talk about it...and you can't make me).

ANYHOO...I did get one 2-pager completed. Although it doesn't look like it, it took me about a month to get this one done. YES...a MONTH! (see above excuses). So here it is...

Sorry the picture is so crappy. OH...that's another thing I've been working on lately...trying to figure out how to work the camera I've had for almost 2 years! I am DYING to learn how to take better pictures. Guess I'd better add that to my "to do/learn" list. ARGH!!

I do, however, love this layout. It makes a WORLD of difference when you have a subject that is as stinkin cute as my Jayla :-).

Did I mention I'm a MUCH better scrapbooker than I am a bowler?

I don't wanna talk about it!!! LOL

So, I've kinda got tagged earlier this week. This lovely lady was nice enough to leave me a comment saying that she tagged me. HOWEVER, I never actually saw my name in her post. But she led me to believe that it was simply a challenge to whoever wanted to participate...but for those whom she left an actually comment for...really had to do it. So, that's considered being "tagged", isn't it? lol

Ok, now that I'm officially confused...AND a terrible bowler (I don't wanna talk about it!), how bout we get to the "survey", shall we. Some of this info you already know about, just humor me, lol. (Oh, I hope there are no questions about bowling! Cuz, I don't wanna talk about it!)

Welcome to the 2008 edition of getting to know your friends! Try not to be lame and spoil the fun! If you get tagged, copy this entire survey and paste into your own blog, change all of the answers so that they apply to you. Then visit the profiles of some of your friends and "Tag" them by simply leaving a comment, asking them to visit your blog, and state that they have been tagged! Some of you may get tagged several times, so they can always refer back to your blog for your answers.

1. What is your occupation? CPO (Chief Parental Officer) for Bibbs Enterprises
2. What color socks right now? None
3. What are you listening to right now? Myself typing and commercials on the radio
4. What was the last thing that you ate? Some Mozzarella Cheese Sticks from TGIFridays (last night, before the bowling that I don't wanna talk about)
5. Can you drive a stick shift? Uh, NEGATIVE!
6. If you could be a color what color would you be? Purple
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Mister M.
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? As mentioned above, I was kinda tagged with this. However, the person who tagged me seems pretty darn cool :-). So yes, I like her.
9. Favorite food? Pasta, Shrimp and chicken wings :-).
10. Favorite drink? Why don't you people already know the answer to this??? lol DOCTOR PEPPER!!!
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? Soccer (especially youth) and Pro football
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? What have you heard? Ok, YES!!
13. Pets? 1 dog, Trae. And sometimes an occasional hummingbird or 3!
14. Favorite Author? Jayla F. Bibbs :-)
15. Last movie you watched? I'm assuming this is different than "the last movie I saw in a theatre". But just in case it's not, I saw Shrek 3 (again) at the FREE Summer movies on Tuesday with Jayla and her little friend. (and half of the day care centers within a 10 mile radius)
16. Favorite Day of the year? Everyday is a blessing. But I do love our anniversary and Christmas.
17. What do you do to vent anger? I cry and sometimes let my voice get a little elevated :-). I use to clean house...but that's just dumb! lol
18. What was your favorite toy as a child? I was a real girly I loved all of my dolls and my "pretend" play stuff.
19. What is your favorite time of the year? Spring and Fall.
20. Strawberry or Blueberry? Strawberry. But I do enjoy Blueberry muffins.
21. Do you want your friends to participate? Sure, why not!
22. Who is most likely to respond? I dunno.
23. Who is least likely to respond? Still, I got nothin!
24. Living arrangements? A lovely 4 story Chateau on 10 acres with my husband, my daughter, my doggie, my MIL, my BIL, my staff of maids, a butler, a chef and the pool boy :-), LOL. Ok, how bout a lovely home with everyone except for the maids, butler, chef and pool boy...SHEESH!
25. When was the last time you cried? I told you, I don't WANT to talk about bowling last night!!! But before that, it was on Tuesday, May 20th.
26. Who is the friend you had the longest that you are going to tag? Uhhh, I give up, WHO?
27. Who is the friend you had the shortest that you are going to tag? See #26
28. Favorite smell? NEW Pampers (haven't we been over this?), cookies/cakes baking, clean babies, Jayla's hair after I wash it and my husband.
29. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheeseburgers (don't think I've ever heard of a spicy burger)
30. Favorite car? How bout my favorite SUV? Chevy Tahoe
31. Favorite Quote or motto? "What we are, is God's gift to us. What we become, is our gift to God" and "Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting"
32. Number of keys on your key ring? 3
33. How many years at your current job? 4 years and 2 weeks
34. Favorite day of the week? I love EVERYday! (except for last night...but I don't wanna talk about it!)
35. How many states have you lived in? 3 (I think)
36. Which political label most closely reflects your views? VERY SNEAKY!!!
37. Worst injury you've ever had? There's always last night...but I don't wanna talk about it. Other than that, I think when I broke my ankle in November 2005.
38. What is your favorite book? I'm not much of a book person. I like magazines. However, if you wanna read a really cute/funny book, read "Days of Whine and Noses" by Lisa Espinoza-Johnson. It's a LOL kinda book!
39. What were you doing at 12:00 last night? On my way home from the place I don't wanna talk about (Bowling), LOL!
40. What famous person, dead or alive, would you most like to meet? JESUS CHRIST!!

WELP, that was fun, wasn't it? Ok, I think I'm supposed to tag some folks at this point. However, I'm gonna take the high road and leave those of you that I would like to do this a comment on your latest blog post. So look could be the one!


Monogram Queen said...

You DO love your me~me's and oh go on and talk about bowling! LOL

P.S. I am a terrible bowler too!

Susie Q said...

Hey Dawn...let's talk about bowling!!

I have been just awful at visiting with everyone lately! Please forgive me!

I think about you all the time though...I hope you know that!

I used to be an okay bowler but now?

I love ya ans send lots of love and hugs!


Cheryl Wray said...

LOL...Come on, spill the beans about the bowling!!! I wanna hear the story (cmon, talk about about it!!) LOL

I love the way you answer these memes. Great answers!!

And really sweet layout!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy - how did you date your entry on Wednesday if you really wrote it on Thursday? Maybe I don't get it. I know all about you and bowling......

Leah said...

That must have been one bowling night for the books. (I know, you don't want to talk about it. LOL!)

hippochick said...

hey dawn,

i just dropped from cheryl's blog. pardon the lower case but i have a broken wrist. however i will never say "die".

like you, i am anxioius to become a better photographer. i keep trying. lol

stop by someday.


Brown English Muffin said...

Two hours later and I'm finally done!