Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...not so freaky anymore, huh?

Do ya'll remember back in the day, whenever the 13th of the month fell on a Friday, everyone would just FREAK out? That was always so funny to me. That Jason had everyone all spooked :-).

Well, Friday the 13th just isn't so creepy anymore. To be honest, it never really was to me. But I'm just rambling.

ANYWAY, what has everyone been up to this week? For me, this week has been CRAZY! But in a good way. Let's recap, shall we?

~On Monday, I went to go pick up my dress. Ya'll remember "the dress" right? I dropped it off to be altered a couple of weeks ago. So I picked it up on Monday. I tried it on when I got home...I think Dawn likey! :-) More on that later...

~Tuesday proved to be a SUPER fun day. A few weeks ago, we received a note from Jayla's school saying that Feb. 11th was going to be Grandparents & Special Family/Friends Day. And on that day, your grandparents and/or some other special people in your childs life could join them for lunch at school. Well, I got a wild hair to call my dad in NY to see, if by chance, he might be able to get away for a few days. And do ya'll know he made it happen? We let it be a surprise to Jayla...especially because we all know that things happen and Pop-Pop may not have been able to come. But like I said, he managed to work it out. I love surprises...

So anyway, my dad's flight arrived on Tuesday morning. He even got here early enough to be able to pick Jayla up from school with me. Normally, I just park in the carpool line and a teacher puts her in the car for me. But sometimes I walk up to the school and get her. I thought today would be a good day to do that. I was so excited about surprising Jayla with her Pop-Pop, that her just getting in the car would NOT do.
We get up to the door and just as we do, her class is coming out of the building heading to the gym, which is where car-riders are called and dismissed from. Do ya'll know she didn't even notice my dad standing next to me? LOL She jumped and clapped and squealed in excitement to see me up there like she always does. I slyly turned her around and ushered her to go on in the gym until they called her name. And just as she got in the door, her name was called. So she comes out telling me how funny it was that she was called just as she walked in the gym. Then, in mid sentence, she sees him! "POP-POP!!! It's my Pop-Pop!!!" she screams! She runs and jumps in his arms. It was priceless! He was just as excited to see her. He told me that THAT moment was why he came and what he was looking the most forward to.
I think we were home before Jayla spoke to me again! LOL

~Wednesday was the actual luncheon at Jayla's school. Me, Mister M. and my dad weren't too excited about the menu for the day :-). So we went and picked up Chick Fil A for all of us (Jayla too) and took it to the school. Pop-Pop sat at the table with Jayla and her class. Jayla had the hardest time eating...probably because she still had this big goofy grin on her face from her "surprise". lol
(the above shot was also being taken by a real photographer. I was trying to be discreet while taking my picture, hence it's blurriness. However, I love how you can see Jayla laughing because my dad is making funny noises.)
By the way, the other kids in Jayla's class really got a kick out of my dad. Let the records show that my dad will do ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING to make people, especially kids, laugh. My "mature" dad has a real "mature" ring tone on his cell phone. What is it you may ask? How bout a montage of FART noises? Yep! That's my dad.

How convenient that my dad's phone rang right in the middle of everyone eating lunch. You don't think he actually answered it to stop it from ringing, DO YOU? Well of course not! All he did was let it ring and continue to say, "OH my...EXCUSE ME!" The kids were rolling on the floor laughing! Me? I was TOTALLY embarrassed! And Mister M. just smiled and shook his head. LOL

Honestly, it wasn't too bad. Jayla doesn't get to see my dad too often. So I let it slide this time. LOL They were all having fun. Not to mention, that's just how he is. He's the best Grandpa.

~Thursday, we met up with my oldest daughter and Mister M. for lunch. I was glad dad got to see Briyanna. Normally when he comes, they aren't able to hook up. So this was special for everyone.

Yes, Briyanna took a picture with my dad AND her dog, Diego :-). Please excuse me in the 2nd was windy and the sun was in our face :-).

Dad made it back home safely to NY on Thursday night. Love you Dad! Thanks SOOO much for coming!

~Friday was a low key day. Which I needed.

~Saturday will be a different story altogether. Soccer-birthday party-swimming lesson registration-more soccer. What a way to spend Valentines Day :-). I'm tired already.

So, what do you guys have planned for this Valentines weekend? Any special Valentines traditions you and your sweetie and/or family/friends share? I'd love to hear about them.

Lastly, I hope to share my jewelry creations in my next post. So stay tuned for that. Well, I'm outta here for the night. Ya'll have a great weekend! Toodles.


Lynilu said...

The picture of your dad with Jayla in the chair my be blurry, but it is beautiful, none the less. How wonderful that he came for Jayla's big day. So very special. :)

Tammi said...

How neat-o Dawn,
What an awesome post! I'm so happy for you and the kiddo's being able to spend some time with your Dad...these are special moments that are so touching...priceless,so thanks for sharing this with us.(smiling)
I haven't seen you drop by in a while,so I was wondering how you were doing and I'm happy to report life is jst grand on your end.
Wow...your Dad sounds so much like my Dad,with the ringtone and all!!HAHA I bet the kiddo's at school were just rolling laughing!How funnnny!!

Jude said...

What a neat thing for the school to do and how AWESOME that Jayla got to have her grandpa there! Great pictures too! :)

Monogram Queen said...

I love that your Dad went out of his way for y'all. That speaks VOLUMES about him (as does the ringtone - hehe!!!! Love it!)

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, it sounds like it turned out just PERFECTLY!!!!! Your Dad sounds just wonderful, and I know it was a precious time for all of you to be together.

Adrienne said...

Awwww what great pics! LOVE the one of your dad and Jayla!

Veroncia said...

Awesome post. What a great surprise for J. She is such a lucky little girl to have a mom who thinks of such things, and a Papa that will do them.

Leah said...

This was just the best story. So glad your dad got to come down and visit. Sounds like you had a really great week!

Brown English Muffin said...

ok great so you made me cry AGAIN by your description of Jayla running to her grandfather....geez thanks!! Don't you know that some of us are reading at work!! LOL

p.s. how tall is your dad?