Friday, February 20, 2009

It takes a park

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember a few weeks ago, Jayla's doll, Anna, "knocked" Jayla's tooth out while we were at the park. Remember that? Well, that tooth's next "tooth" neighbor was also loose, but wasn't quite ready to vacate the premises. I even took the girl to the dentist to make sure all was ok with the pearly whites. Jayla's 2 front teeth grew in kinda oddly shaped. In fact, people would often ask me if she'd fallen or something and broken her teeth. But nope, that's just how they came in. ANYWAY, the dentist said all was well and that the "dangler" would probably come out on its own in about a week or so. Not to worry. But if we wanted to hurry up the process, all we had to do was get some Popsicles and let the tooth & gums get really cold...then we could just push it out with minimal pain & blood. I'm ALL for that!

But it didn't work, LOL.

Fast forwarding a week. On Monday, Jayla was out of school for Presidents Day. So being that it was such a pretty day (and I don't like sitting around the house) we decided to take a field trip to the Kennesaw State Park. On our way there, I stopped for gas and got us a drink and a bag of puffy Cheetos to share.

We decided to take a little hike up the mountain (which I said I wouldn't do..but it was fun). After our hike, we took a seat at a picnic table to feast on Dr. Pepper, Sprite and Puffy Cheetos. That's good eatin folks...GOOD EATIN! :-) Jayla grabs a Cheeto out of the bag, bites into it and immediately develops this strange "pee in the pool" look on her face :-). I asked her what was wrong and with tightened lips, she says, "Uh, nothin!" Ok, I'm a mother and I know when something is up. So I ask her again, and she starts to cry a little. Then I thought to myself...IT'S THE TOOTH!!! I asked her if she hurt her tooth and again, through tightened lips...which were now oozing with spit, blood AND orange Cheeto juice (sorry for the visual), she said, "Uh NOTHIN!"

Anyway, long story short, after an entire pack of Kleenex, a little coaxing and dry heaving on my part, I finally convinced Jayla to pull her, now dangling by an orange colored spit string, tooth out. Mission accomplished! And you'll all be glad to know that I didn't have any water with me this time either, lol. But fortunately, we were near a bathroom and water fountain. WHEW!!!

And just after I snapped this shot.... ....Jayla asked, "Uh, MOM...can we go home now?" Of course we can...cuz mommy needs to throw up! LOL. (Sorry folks, there are quite a few things I can tolerate. But blood and icky, dangling teeth ain't one of 'um!)

And here's the lovely toothless one today.... (still just as cute as ever)

...Ok, what exactly happens to kids, girls more specifically, while they are at school during the day? Look at this childs hair! LOL

Anyway, speaking of teeth, I started my "complimentary" tooth whitening regimen last night. So after my FORTY treatments, I'll let ya'll know how it went :-).

Oh, guess what? This coming Sunday is Mister M's birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie! And to celebrate, Jayla has decided to get baptised. I'm so excited for her. There will be pictures next week of that. Afterwards, we're all going to dinner to celebrate both of these happy events.

Welp, that's it for me today. You guys have a great weekend and I'll chat with you later. Toodles!!


LBMann said...

Thanks for the visual!! I really don't think you could have done the story justice without it!! Take care.

Diane said...

*gag* I haven't been to your blog in forever and THIS is what I have to read first???

Excuse me, I must go visit the porcelain God.

Dana said...

too cute!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

That's such a sweet, sweet birthday!!