Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gifts from God - My "Things"

I'm sure not too many people think of their tangible things as gifts from God. But they are. If it wasn't for Him and His grace, we probably wouldn't have a lot of the "things" we enjoy so much. Sure, some of the "things" we have, we can truly live without. But again, God is so gracious that, in addition to giving us the things we NEED, He also gives us those "things" that our hearts desire.

So here are some of the "things" He has blessed me with:

Thank you God, for the gift of: My Home
Oh my goodness, I totally LOVE my house! I remember when we were looking to purchase a home, we told the agent exactly what we wanted in the house, what we didn't want, location and of course price range. So she brought us to this sub-division (along with SEVERAL others that day). When we pulled in, Marque and I gave eachother this "look" and thought our agent must not have been listening...we can't afford anything here! The sub-division was still under contruction. But as we drove up the street, I immediately noticed this beautiful bright red brick house. The unusual color of the brick caught my eye. And don't you know, that's the driveway that our agent pulled in to. We walked in the house and almost instantly felt at home. We loved EVERYTHING about the house. However, we didn't want to limit ourselves. So we continued to look but kept THIS house at the top of our list. Long story short, we were pretty sure that we wanted a house in this particular neighborhood. I wanted one that was 2 doors up from the red brick house, because it had a 5th bedroom. But still I would've been setteling because it wasn't EXACTLY what we wanted. The following weekend, we decided to put a a contract on the house with the 5th bedroom. But when we got there, the house was already under contract. Disappointed, we went back into the red brick house one more time. And again, I LOVED everything about it. Come to find out, there WAS a contract on this house but it fell through. So we wound up putting a contract on it that day. We chose light fixtures, flooring, wood stain color and carpeting color in that same meeting. What a day! Later that day, on our way home, I told Marque that I had a feeling from 1st time we saw that house, that that's the one we were meant to have. I saw, what I felt was the hand of God, pointing down at that house. So to me, this is where we are SUPPOSED to be. And I still feel that way 6 1/2 years later. I LOVE this house. For this gift, I am thankful!!
Thank you God, for the gift of: My vehicle(s)
Ok, this is another one of those I struggle with. For those of you who know me, you know how I feel about this topic already. But I think it's a form of "therapy" that I deal with this here. Ok, here goes...I am the proud owner of a Navy Blue & Grey 2002 Nissan Quest...a minivan. Now, there...I said it!!! Don't get me wrong, it's a nice vehicle and has all the ammenities I could ever need or want. But...it's a MINIVAN!!! I realize that I am a mother with young children and this is probably the best type of vehicle for me to have. But...it's a MINIVAN!!! I'm sorry, I'm just not in a minivan frame of mind. Proabably because prior to having the van, I use to drive a SEXY Forrest Green Chevy Tahoe. Let me tell you, I LOVED that truck. And I almost drool whenever I see one on the road. It even had some HOT shoes (rims) on it. It was beautiful! But I will say this though, it IS by the grace of God that I don't have that truck today. Can you imagine how much it would cost to fill that baby up these days?? That alone, keeps me grounded :-). Back to the...MINIVAN..I do enjoy driving it and it does have a lot of space in it. The kids love it because it has a VCR/DVD player in it. The Tahoe didn't have that. Oh, and get this...I vowed, back when we got the Quest that I would NEVER be seen with soccer ball magnets on my van. I may BE a soccer mom...but I'm not gonna LOOK like one, right? WRONG!!! Not only do I have TWO soccerball magnets on my van, I also have a soccerball on my antenna :-). But you know what? I haven't had any problems with this vehicle since I've had it. AND, it was paid off in less than a year. Can't beat that!!! Our other vehicle is a SHARP Black 1997 Nissan Maxima. That sucka can FLY!!! Marque won't let me drive it too much though. Why you ask? Because...that sucka can FLY!!! :-) For these gifts, I am thankful!!

Thank you God, for the gift of: My Creativity

Ooops, I think I posted prematurely. Sorry for those of you keeping up with this "mini series" :-). Anyway, several years ago, I discovered that I had a couple of creative bones in my body. I discovered that I could actually make something out of nothing...so to speak. And inexpensively I might add. I guess it started back when I use to work in the deli at Kroger. I was a cake decorator. So, that kinda let into me decorating cakes for family and friends. I even made a few wedding cakes. That got a little messy, so I decided not to do that anymore :-). Then I discovered Michaels Arts & Crafts store...LOVE IT!!! So I began making little crafts here and there, which included accessories for our home. Eventually, I took a beginners sewing class and started making window treatments. Couldn't quite get the clothes thing down. Later, I got into doing floral arrangements as home decor as well as for weddings. I was honored to be able to not only make ALL the arrangements for my nephews wedding but I also directed the wedding. Now THAT was fun. I was SO stressed out during that entire process, you would've thought I was the one getting married. But it was quite an experience. My dining room looked like a bomb had gone off in a floral shop :-). The wedding was beautiful. And a year or so later, I was asked to do all the flowers for my cousins wedding. A few other friends even asked me to make party favors, wedding favors and arrangements for their small weddings. I had a ball. THEN...it hit me...I LOVE taking and looking at pictures. Markell loved looking at his photo album but the pictures would wind up all over the place. So I decided to look into the hobby of scrapbooking. I started off on a tiny little lap table. And the rest is history! I have since completed 10 or more albums! I even get together with some friends one night a week and we sit around and snack, talk and even do a little scrapbooking :-). This hobby is the PERFECT fit for me. I truly love it. I have THOUSANDS of pictures on my computer and I think I take pictures almost everyday :-). I even went out of town (to Illinois) for a scrapbooking weekend...I know, I'm a junkie! :-) Well, I have moved up a little from my little lap table to an actual scrap space in our playroom. This is where I spend 80% of my time. I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I will have a room dedicated to the hobby I love so much....Scrapbooking. For this gift, I am thankful!!

Linking our tomorrows with the treasures of yesterday. A precious gift that can be cherished and shared along the way.


Adrienne said...

Hey....they place looks familiar!!! I've been there before!!!! Great entry!

denaid said...

First, I'm very disappointed that you didn't scan in that little blue Jolee's mini-van that I bought for you. ;)

Second, from where did you take that picture of your house? It looks like it's set back down a mile long driveway!

Third, HOW did Adrienne beat me to commenting? I have been SITTING here waiting for you to finish! Geesh.

Good post. ;)

Toya said...

this was a great series of entries, dawn, I love when people take time to reflect on all the good that they have due to the blessings of God. This is stuff is very inspiring!

Muriel said...

that was really sweet!

Brown English Muffin said...

You are my idol....I still have the little table, a laptop and space in the basement...what I wouldn't give to have a dedicated scrapbooking space...that would be awesome!!!! Then all I'd need is some dedicated scrapbooking time during the day!!!

I feel from reading all your posts that I really really get you...your words sound so similar to how I feel but have never expressed them.

C always complains about our house and he's currently looking for another house so we can sell and move...I keep reminding him that 2 years ago he was living in a rundown studio apartment in the worst part of NY and look at where he is now....how fortunate he should be to have a 3 bedroom house in a great part of NY....he agrees but quickly goes back to complaining.

Me on the other hand...this is the 2nd home I've owned and I still appreciate every little crevice...as I know how many people have so little compared to us. When I think about how far we've come I am happy and know it’s the grace of god that has put us here.