Friday, April 07, 2006

New Layout - Like Mother, Like Daughter (for my friend Stacey)

I don't normally post the LO's that I do for my friends. Probably because I've only done a couple. But being that Stacey is a very dear friend of mine and I actually LIKE the LO that I did...AND because this was the only one I remembered to scan :-)...I thought I'd post it. I sure hope she doesn't mind.

Anyway, here is it.

I must say, that I was a little surprised when Stacey called and asked if I'd mind doing a LO of her and her daughter, Briah. Our "styles" are so different and I never thought she liked my style enough to want me to do something for her album. So like I said, I was pleasantly surprised when she called me and asked if I'd do it. This LO is of Stacey wearing a bathing suit that a family member gave her as a gift. Once Stacey (finally) had a daughter of her own (she has 3 older sons), her mother sent her the bathing suit. Both Stacey and Briah are about the same age in these pictures. I'm very proud of how it turned out. And I'm even more excited that Stacey loves it.

Stacey, thank you for the opportunity to scrap a LO for you. It was quite an honor!!

Thanks for looking!


denaid said...

First, the LO is beautiful. I love how you removed the color because it makes you look at the pictures even harder to see the differences in Stacey and Briah (or lack there of). And I love the use of flowers to add color back in along with the little slides in color. Very cute.

Second, HA I beat Adrienne. Yeah, I know it's wedding day but I don't care. HA I beat her.

Lisa Mackie said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable!! I LOVE the rolls on their legs!!!!! Too cute!!!!! Great page!!!

Muriel said...

the baby is so the layout!

Brown English Muffin said...

This layout is fantastic...I love it...and how cute are those pictures of the mother and daughter in the same outfit.

My mother comes from England April 20th...I should ask her to bring any baby clothes that she has from my baby days.

If I hadn't read the writing I never would have noticed that it was a different baby...I wasn't looking closely enough, once you said I could totally see the difference in the face.

Melanie said...

That is the most beautiful LO!! I'm inspired! And I think I may use the idea when I do the LO for me and my daughter. And the one for my husband and our son. Oh, I'm just so excited about it!!!!
Melanie G.